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Ericsson in Canada

Ericsson in Canada

Ericsson 5G: made for Canada

Ericsson has been helping make a Connected Canada possible for 70 years. We partner with leading telecommunication companies and academia to accelerate R&D, build 5G infrastructure and bring connectivity to all Canadians. We’re committed to advancing the country’s digital agenda through turningpoint technologies such as 5G. This means enabling Canada’s industries to lead on the world stage, supporting major service providers on their path to nationwide 5G rollout and collaborating with leading players from both academia and wider industry. It’s all part of our long-standing dedication to drive innovation and ensure digital inclusion for all Canadians.

In Canada, Ericsson provides 5G infrastructure products and services for Bell, EastLink, Rogers, TBAYTEL, TELUS, Videotron and Xplore and live 5G commercial networks across the country. We enable private network solutions as well as transport and critical infrastructure to remote mines and utilities across the country through client partnerships with Ambra, Hydro BC, Hydro One, Hydro Quebec and more. We have more than 170 5G commercial agreements or contracts with unique service providers globally.

Canadian employees
years in Canada
2000 +
$ 7 .2B+
overall Canadian R&D investment

Research and Development in Canada

With state-of-the-art 5G R&D centers and offices in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, we are working closely with partners, Canadian telecommunications leaders and the Canadian government to rollout a secure 5G network for the entire country.

Ericsson Canada’s R&D sites fulfill worldwide mandates in development, testing and support of wireless networks and advanced user multimedia services. Our contribution to the global wireless communications industry spans several sites, labs and product areas. Our Canadian teams are prolific creators of intellectual property and contributors to the Ericsson patent portfolio, with more than 100 Invention Disclosures per year. We have been awarded over $15M from our funding partners, Mitacs and NSERC, for Canadian R&D collaborations projects.

Ericsson’s largest R&D site in North America is in Ottawa. The Ottawa lab is a strategic R&D site with end-to-end development capabilities. It’s also one of the few Verification Centres for Ericsson. Our teams work in all phases of the product development cycle, from research, architecture, systematization, hardware/ software design, integration, test, field test and customer support. Since 2020, our Ottawa Open Lab has been a key site on the recently created Cloud RAN product development unit responsible for Ericsson Cloud RAN products worldwide. Ericsson also established its Global AI Accelerator division in 2019 in Montreal. This 5G innovation hub focuses on R&D in AI and automation to leverage innovative technologies and create data-driven, intelligent and robust systems for automation, evolution and growth.

Research & Development

  • Investing an average of $345M/year—$6.8B+ overall
  • Among the top 14 R&D spenders in Canada • 2,000+ Canadian patents in a global repertoire of 60,000

Economic Development

  • Largest Canadian 5G network service provider
  • Drive digital change with 5G technology
  • ENCQOR partner to 5G labs that develop use cases

Ericsson and the Government of Canada to invest more than CAD 470 million in R&D centres

We announced a five-year R&D partnership with the Government of Canada to bring Canadians to the forefront of global development in next-generation communication technologies.

Nutrien, Ambra Solutions and Ericsson, helping to feed the world

Learn how Nutrien worked with Ericsson partner, Ambra Solutions, to drive higher production of potash—a key fertilizer ingredient needed to grow more food for the world’s expanding population—by enabling reliable data and voice communication across hundreds of kilometers of underground travel ways, improving worker safety and operational efficiency of its mines.

Rogers tackles network energy consumption

Read how to save power and improve energy efficiency without compromising network performance.

5G consumer trends in Canada

Explore six key trends on the consumer perceptions of 5G in Canada, and what the next wave of 5G users will expect. Read the full study representing over 24 million Canadians.

Ericsson Mobility Report November 2023

In the latest edition, we discuss rising 5G mid-band population coverage and the opportunities 5G standalone (SA) is bringing for service providers and enterprises globally. New forecasts exploring RedCap, uplink vs. downlink traffic and sustainability are also included.

Capturing the 5G FWA value in Canada

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is attracting interest across Canadian household segments. Read the latest ConsumerLab report to learn the best way forward to capture FWA’s value.

Ericsson Open Lab

The Ottawa lab is a strategic R&D site with end-to-end development capabilities, and our largest site in North America. The Open Lab has been a key site responsible for Ericsson Cloud RAN products worldwide.

Global Artificial Intelligence Accelerator in Montréal

The Global Artificial Intelligence Accelerator innovation hub in Montreal focuses on 5G R&D in AI and automation to leverage innovative technologies and create data-driven, intelligent and robust systems for automation, evolution and growth.

Our commitments to the Canadian ecosystem

Innovation ecosystem

Ericsson is a major partner of ENCQOR, a transformational Canada-Québec-Ontario partnership to develop and test 5G solutions that could reinvent how we work today. Ericsson believes the next logical step for Canada is for various industries to adopt 5G and for Canadian businesses to gain competitive advantages from using it. We partner with innovation ecosystems, universities and 5G labs across the country to drive innovation in Canada and around the world.

University partnerships

We have collaborated with over 20 Canadian universities since 2013, contributing close to $25M towards academic research. This includes hundreds of projects in important technological areas such as Cloud, 5G, Security, Quantum, Photonics and AI for operations, manufacturing and network evolution. We work with 20+ Canadian universities in R&D and education programs and hire over 275 co-op students per year.


Sustainability is central to Ericsson’s company purpose. Through our technology, solutions and the expertise of our people, we are creating positive impacts in society and reducing risks to Ericsson, our customers and society. We are working directly with Canadian service providers to lower their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability.

Join us

Ericsson employs more than 3,100 people across Canada and has major offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. We are proud to consistently be named one of Canada’s top employers.

If you want to join our team at the heart of technology and innovation, follow the link below and apply now!

Our job opportunities

Empowering connected societies

A number of technologies shape tomorrow’s connected societies. By evolving these technologies we evolve the network platform, a platform that will fundamentally change the way our societies innovate, collaborate, produce, govern and live sustainably. This will not only change the telecom industry, it will create new opportunities for other industries and different kinds of business models.

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