A true partnership

EE (part of BT Group) gains real time and detailed insights with Ericsson Expert Analytics

Putting the customer experience first

Gaining insights into their customers’ network experience, whilst better understanding their needs was vital for EE. They partnered with Ericsson to implement a next generation customer experience management (CEM) system.


Dave Salam, EE Director of Mobility and Analytics

The challenge

In their journey to be number one for service, EE realised the increasing importance of data analytics to the operation of their Mobile Network.  They needed to gain in-depth insight into customer experience, linking it with network behaviour and service incidents.

Part of the BT Group’s challenge has been in having too much data but no easy way to consume it.  In order to transform their end to end business processes, improve alignment of design, operations, and customer care - their objective was to gain visibility of the individual experience that each customer is having on the network in real time, thus being able to prioritize, attend and act - as and when required.

We choose to partner with Ericsson largely because they had a really simple way of making insight available to our front line.

The solution

Through Ericsson’s powerful correlation engine and proprietary analysis capabilities, Ericsson Expert Analytics enables EE to use their wealth of data to identify unique insights to improve the business and meet customer expectations for a variety of advanced services, including VoLTE across their nationwide network.

The platform ingests RAN, core, probe and other data for every nationwide VoLTE call and data session. Ericsson’s unique algorithms help identify VoLTE and other service issues faster and with greater granularity.

Derived by advanced algorithms, end-to-end service quality is measured and diagnosed in real time, identifying opportunities missed by traditional solutions.

With Ericsson Expert Analytics supporting our new customer experience management capability, we are able to understand our customers’ experience in real-time, and the detailed insights provided will help us keep improving network quality.

The results

Ericsson Expert Analytics will measure the perceived customer experience for each subscriber, providing actionable insights based on data collected in real-time from network elements and probes, as well as from operations and business support systems.

With the help of Ericsson’s solution, they can further improve the customer experience and focus on enhancing satisfaction metrics including Net Promoter Score, propensity to call and first call resolution rate.

Operators want to be as efficient as possible in improving the customer experience in real time. For EE, big data intelligence is fundamentally changing how they as an operator interact with their customers. By deploying Ericsson Expert Analytics, they are benefiting from the results of being able to analyse, understand and transform their customers’ experience using real time insights.

In terms of customer satisfaction, Ericsson provided the best front end and the ease of use to actually allow that to happen.

Unlocking the value of actionable insights

Ericsson Expert Analytics is a near real-time, multi-vendor, cross-domain big data analytics solution that is purpose built for telecom.

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