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5G Core game starting point

Plan and build your 5G Core network

Ready to take on the cloud-native 5G Core network transformation?

It’s time to start driving innovation and shaping the future of businesses and society in your market.

A 5G Core network enhances user experience, transforms operations and enables agile service creation. The question shouldn’t be about whether you take on this transformation, but when.

The answer? It’s now. 

The adoption of cloud-native technology and the new 5G Core architecture will impact six strategic network domains, which you’ll need to tackle during this transformation journey:
- cloud infrastructure
- 5G Core
- 5G voice
- automation and orchestration
- operations and life cycle management
- security

It sounds like a lot, right? But, there is now a key to mastering the learning curve of cloud native transformation – our 5G Core transformation guide series.

Think of the guides like your handbooks to the game of network transformation. You’re on to a winner!
How to plan your 5G Core network

Download a guide to unlock the next level in scaling your network

With our 2.0 release of the guide series, you’ll be fully empowered to unlock this transformation, as it is enriched with fresh insights from our experiences deploying cloud-native 5G Core networks with pioneering 5G service providers around the world.

Summary guide: Accelerate your core network transformation

Your journey starts here. This is the guide to deploying and evolving your 5G Core network at a top level.

Download guide

Building a cloud-native infrastructure

Discover how to deploy cloud infrastructure that is optimized for cloud-native applications.

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EPC to dual-mode 5G Core

Explore the best alternatives to evolving your existing 4G EPC network into a 5G Core network.

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More guides to explore

Dual-mode 5G Core TCO benefits: Get recommended actions around the three critical areas for TCO optimization during the 5G Core transformation.

5G voice network evolution: Learn how to deploy voice services as part of your 5G launch, plus enable new and enhanced user experiences.


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Paving the way: Leveling up with our customers

Beginning the journey can feel like a big jump. But with a trusted partner and by using well-practiced methods, you can reach new heights with your network. Discover the possibilities below. 

Rogers: Setting network deployment records in Canada

This is the story of how Rogers became the first ever service provider to deploy 5G SA services nationwide in Canada, as well as its first steps in commercializing network slicing based services.

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SKT: A world-first 5G solution

SK Telecom and Ericsson broke new ground with the world’s first bare-metal cloud-native dual-mode 5G Core solution. 5G network operation capabilities and flexibility were strengthened, significantly improving traffic processing efficiency.

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Singtel: The first and most powerful network in Singapore

Singtel’s 5G Standalone (SA) network offers incredible speed and a world of opportunities for enterprises and consumers. Did we mention it was the first of its kind in Singapore?

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Vodafone: Shaping Germany’s 5G future in a first for Europe

Vodafone Germany became the first service provider to launch 5G SA in Europe. Now, it’s bringing a wealth of new opportunities and use cases to shape Germany’s 5G future.

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Telstra: Journey to a cloud-native 5G Core

Telstra – Australia’s leading telecommunications provider – is re-shaping its core network to offer the best experience in 5G, using Ericsson’s container-based cloud-native dual-mode 5G Core.

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Plan and build with our expert team

As part of our video series where experts share insights from early deployments of 5G Core networks, meet Peter Wörndle, Senior Expert Deployment Architectures. He talks through the four key consideration areas which will make your cloud-native transformation successful, with speed, efficiency and performance for your network deployments.


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