Securing 5G experience with software probes

Get customer centric insights from the start, to accelerate the 5G introduction without losing the focus on customer experience.

Customer centric insights from the start

Watch the video to get a quick view on how the Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core with built-in software probes and Ericsson Expert Analytics enables you to:

  • Monitor and secure the 5G customer promise
  • Significantly reduce the TCO
  • Keep sensitive data secure

Built-in software probes for 5G insights from day one

Securing the 5G experience with software probes

When the 5G experience is everything, it’s crucial to deliver on customer expectations from day one. The journey to 5G Core makes network insights more important than ever, but the traditional approach to data collection is unsustainable. With Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core, software probes are built-in, securing the output and ensuring optimal performance.

5G Core is designed for security. One of the cornerstones of 5G Core is the new Service Based Architecture (SBA) and increased security, where all the traffic is encrypted. This poses a problem for traditional probing solutions when it comes to capturing the desired data without breaching security. Software probes ensure sensitive data gets from A to B while maintaining content encrypted. Any data can be delivered to selected consumers over a secured, transparent and standardized interface.

With quality, actionable data, Ericsson Expert Analytics extracts customer-centric intelligence and have pre-built insights for 5G. Powered by AI to enable a higher degree of automation, it simplifies assurance with full end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting. Actions can be taken based on insights and recommendations.

Ericsson‘s software probe solution

Our software (SW) probe is a built-in virtual network probe solution for cloud native architecture. It is specifically designed to monitor and troubleshoot CNFs and provide data streams for analytics. Our SW probe is delivered as an additional service along with our usual Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) service set across all our dual-mode 5G Core products, applicable to both EPC and 5GC NFs. [Copied from Solution brief. Maybe add some more text lines?].

Download the ”Securing the 5G experience with Software probes” paper to learn more about:

  • VNF/CNF built-in probes for cloud native and 5G security
  • The Ericsson’s software probe solution
  • TCO gains with built-in software probes
  • Pre-integrated Ericsson Expert Analytics – customer-centric insights from day one
Download the solution brief

Cases and stories

Use case British Telecom

Howard Watson, CTIO of BT, says: “Having evaluated different 5G Core vendors, we have selected Ericsson as the best option on the basis of both lab performance and future roadmap. We are looking forward to working together as we build out our converged 4G and 5G core network across the UK. An agile, cloud-native core infrastructure is at the heart of our ambition to enable the next generation of exciting 5G services for our customers and give the UK the world-class digital infrastructure it needs to win in the future global economy.”

Link to full press release

Hear what the industry has to say

Hear what Anil Rao has to say about built-in Ericsson probes
“The traditional appliance based probes technology and the associated CEM approaches are not fit for purpose to guarantee customer experiences in cloud-based 5G networks. Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core with built-in software probes, pre-integrated with Ericsson Expert Analytics’ intelligence, enables CSPs to deliver superior 5G customer experiences and accelerate 5G roll-out.”

Anil Rao, Principle Analyst at Analysys Mason

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