5G charging

Monetizing your 5G services? Find out what´s changing with charging as 5G.

Convergent charging comes with new challenges

5G brings so many possibilities for innovation and new services. Convergent charging needs to evolve as service providers around the world plan for, introduce, and grow 5G. Ensure new cash flows are enabled by getting your charging capabilities ready sooner rather than later.

Unlock new revenues with 5G charging

5G enables entirely new services, experiences and business models across industries. But what does this really mean?

5G underpins dynamic and highly configurable network services that will enable new business models to emerge as players in the ecosystem join forces to go to market. New ways of charging for services are needed. For example, in the healthcare sector, digital transformation is underway; as it progresses it will transform the patient experience.

See what digitally transformed 5G healthcare could look like in this video. And consider the myriad charging options as the range and breadth of healthcare services grows.

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5G Healthcare with Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform

Online and offline charging are converging

online and offline charging explained

Leveraging 5G’s new capabilities to generate more revenues is the goal.​ Charging is changing as 5G networks are rolling out. For example, per 5G standards for 5G core, in the Converged Charging System (CCS) there is no separation between online and offline charging.

Find out more about the new capabilities in Ericsson eBrief: What is the 5G Charging Function?

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Ericsson’s charging capabilities are evolving

Get ready for, enable and support new and complex 5G business models, simply.​

To enable real-time rating, metering and charging for an entirely new wave of 5G services and new monetization schemes, flexibility and agility are key.​

Examples of the charging rules needed for 5G include: quality of service (QoS) charging, device based charging whether it’s a mobile device or an IoT device, differentiated charging based on content provider or type of content. And charging models will be heavily influenced by the role CSPs play in the ecosystem.

Read more in Ericsson Technology Review : Evolving BSS to fit the 5G economy.

To capture new 5G revenue streams, service providers must transform their existing business support systems (BSS), and develop clear roadmaps to guide this transformation. In the latest MIT Insights report, telecom executives share their vision for 5G-enabled BSS, and how they are preparing for it.

Read The 5G operator : platforms, partnerships and a new era of cloud-driven agility.

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Cases and stories

Preparing for billing in the future

StarHub CIO Kee Yaw Yee is implementing an exciting challenger vision of innovation and digitalization as the company prepares for 5G.

Read the StarHub case here

Far EasTone, Taiwan: A BSS digital transformation

Far EasTone has decided to reposition it's enterprise strategy. They have teamed up with Ericsson to change their IT systems to prepare for 5G and IoT.

Read the Far EasTone case here

From the Ericsson blog

Are new revenues available before 5G?

5G is coming but service providers still need to generate new revenues from their existing business at the same time as growing new revenues from new services. How?

Explore the components of our charging portfolio


A scalable, flexible solution with a strong user-experience focus, enabling real-time convergent charging, policy control, decoupling and fast service creation. 

Catalog manager

Product catalog management coupled with nimble design tools so you can create products and services from reusable product, service and resource components.


A convergent billing solution for telecoms that combines an unrivalled combination of out-of-the box features and high configurability.

Digital monetization platform

The Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform helps you close the gap between your digital business goals and BSS technology.

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