How you can shape the future with Ericsson ONE

Over 100 million startups are created every year, but entrepreneurship doesn’t just happen outside of companies, it occurs inside them too. At Ericsson, there are thousands of brilliant people with game-changing ideas waiting to become reality. Here, Daniel Alexus, Founder and Head of Ericsson ONE, explains how we make that happen.

What is Ericsson ONE?

Ericsson ONE is an internal accelerator for Ericsson employees with pioneering new business ideas. Truly innovative companies don’t just invest in research and development, they invest in their employees too. At Ericsson ONE, we give talented people at Ericsson the chance to develop their ideas and build successful ventures beyond our core business. By leveraging Ericsson’s global scale, technology, relationships and expertise, we help make their startups a success.


How does Ericsson ONE work?

The Ericsson ONE team has established a highly effective, smooth startup process that consists of several stages. Anyone from within Ericsson is welcome to submit an idea, at any time. These ideas are reviewed by the team and the most promising ones move forward to the next stage. The intrapreneur – and their extended team – then go through a step-by-step process which involves rapidly creating, testing and validating their prototypes, building a minimum viable product, and if everything goes to plan, developing it into a fully-fledged, independently operating business unit within Ericsson’s portfolio. Before they progress to the next stage the intrapreneurs need to pitch to various stakeholders to secure further investment.

Throughout the process, they’re provided with all the ingredients they need to launch successfully launch a new venture and scale it quickly. This includes dedicated resources, training, funding, and early adopter customers. By giving people this opportunity, we can support Ericsson employees on their innovation journeys, while developing new products that our customers can benefit from.

What does Ericsson ONE offer intrapreneurs?

 Ericsson ONE also offers a range of monetary incentives for idea owners including investment, bonuses and stock options – but that’s not really any different from a venture capitalist. What’s important is that we offer a vast wealth of experience and knowledge that’s been accumulated over decades. This includes:

  • Ericsson’s people: by developing an idea within Ericsson, intrapreneurs have access to a talented ecosystem of 100,000 people with every capability, including 23,000 engineers.
  • Ericsson’s technological and commercial expertise: intrapreneurs can utilize Ericsson’s tried and tested go-to-market strategies and industry-leading technologies, as well as a portfolio of 55,000 patents.
  • Ericsson’s partnerships: Operating in 180 countries, Ericsson has a global network of customers and external partnerships that can be leveraged throughout the process, from idea validation through to customer trials and the business launch.

Today nearly 90 percent of startups fail, but with all this behind you, the likelihood of success increases greatly.


What kind of projects are developed within Ericsson ONE?

If there’s a market for your idea, it can be developed with Ericsson ONE.   Of course, it helps if we can leverage our existing technologies and capabilities – which are predominately in the ICT sector – but we’re not limited to creating new products for service providers. Our current projects include educational augmented reality platforms, new advertising solutions and cloud-based AI systems. Providing the idea is feasible, scalable and unique,  we’ll consider it.


What makes Ericsson ONE unique?

We mean business. In the innovation space there’s a lot of talk and theatrics, but at Ericsson ONE we offer serious investment. We give people a very real opportunity to create highly successful ventures and become a CEO – and we do everything we can to help.


It’s also important to mention our team. Over the last two years, we’ve built a fantastic organization made up of people from astonishingly varied backgrounds, both from within and outside of Ericsson. This diverse team has so much to offer to anyone starting a new company.  



What advice would you give people thinking about developing an idea with Ericsson ONE?

Be open, be honest and listen to feedback. We have intrapreneurs’ best interests at heart, and our mission is to make them succeed.


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