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Universities are the natural innovation platform for inventiveness and to solve humanity’s biggest challenges. Universities are also the place that bright students turn to in pursuit of their dreams. Those we all rely on for a better future.

At Ericsson we appreciate the intellectual powerhouse that academia is. We have learnt this by working closely with some 50 different universities, creating breakthrough research, opening doors for each other, exploring the impossible. Sometimes you challenge our ingrained assumptions with bleeding edge thinking, sometimes we bring reality into your labs and we always move forward together.

Together we have worked on some of the most complex and difficult technological problems there are to create the network of the future. Like we do in the 5G Research and Innovation Laboratory, a unique collaboration with Kings College in London where industries come together with academia to explore the possibilities of 5G. In our collaborations we are transforming what used to be a highway for voice and data, into a powerful platform for innovation, sensitive to all kinds of human, industrial and environmental activity – and we believe that we have just started to scratch the surface for what we can do with it.

Now we are extending our collaboration by opening the doors to Ericsson ONE, a global community of thinkers and doers, engineers, designers, developers and entrepreneurs on a mission to make big, disruptive ideas come alive. We want universities from around the world to join in on this journey.

Ericsson ONE is a structured innovation initiative and innovation incubator where we build eco-systems that focus on the most complex problems there are, a greenhouse for you to test ideas and spark collaborations on our Innovation platform. Allow your imagination to run wild for a while – what could you do with the network if you really put it to the test?

  • What if robots could coordinate, collaborate and learn together at the edge of the network?
  • What if vehicles could talk to each other in real-time, would we even need traffic signals then?
  • What if network data and machine learning can be used for social and urban planning research?
  • What if our networks can provide you with the data for your next research project?

Working with Ericsson ONE we bring you big, exciting problems to solve, the right partners to collaborate with and access to the innovation platform of the modern world.

Sounds interesting? We think it is.

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Public transport operation

By analysing big data collected from mobile networks and public transport systems at Ericsson Garage in Budapest, we can create detailed human mobility data within a transport network and drive better optimization of public transport management.

Gamifying sports

We partnered with Gold Center, Eötvös Loránd University Communication Networks Laboratory and the High Speed Networks Lab at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to introduce new games based on existing sport facilities and equipment, to improve training and fun for professionals, amateurs and hobby players.