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Launched ventures

Ericsson Connected Recycling: Transforming the waste industry by turning trash into cash

Ericsson Connected Recycling (ECR) has a game changing solution: a global marketplace platform that connects buyers and sellers in any waste ecosystem to facilitate responsible transactions of recycled raw materials. ECR is enabling the shift from today’s linear economy of take-make-dispose to a reduce–reuse–recycle model, creating a circular economy that fosters innovation, sustainable growth and limitless connectivity, while also raising awareness of the world’s ever growing waste problem.

ECMV: the machine vision solution that’s accelerating smart manufacturing

Ericsson Connected Machine Vision (ECMV) is a software platform that’s enabling enterprises to introduce machine vision solutions in their production lines – dramatically accelerating innovation.

Ericsson Digital Human SDK

Introducing Ericsson Digital Human SDK – a software development kit (SDK) that equips you with the tools necessary to quickly build and deploy scalable, connected experiences powered by digital humans.

Ericsson Drone Mobility

Ericsson Drone Mobility (EDM) enables enterprise drones to fly Beyond Visual Line-Of-Sight securely and efficiently with telco grade encryption and data security solutions, powering the Enterprises to make decisions in real time.

Industry Connect

Industry Connect was developed to offer turnkey communications solutions that solve the connectivity needs of smart factories or warehouses with an unequalled level of ease.


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Ericsson Routes

Ericsson Routes brings to autonomous and unmanned vehicles the awareness required to have consistent and reliable connectivity throughout the whole journey.

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