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Ease the maintenance, development and evolution of applications

The applications knot. We're here to untangle it.

Application lifecycle management transformed

At the heart of any progressive technology company is the modernity of its applications. So how do telcos modernize when they are sitting on a spaghetti of software legacy?

While many IT vendors offer modernization, we live and breathe to set you free. Our ADM practice is 100% dedicated to removing complexity: it's the only business model we know.

  • Experience KPI-driven and open source Framework methodologies
  • Reduce IT Opex by 40%
  • See a payback within two years

The best way to untangle a knotty problem is to look at it with fresh eyes

Market Agility Streaming Pipeline

Our new framework, Market Agility Streaming Pipeline (eWASP), delivers on a KPI-driven approach to Application Modernization. eWASP can help track digital product implementation, impacted systems and affected KPIs, which is key to continuously improving Business Agility.

Through measurement of important KPIs, we enable operator teams to accelerate towards Agile and DevSecOps, deliver faster, continuously improve, gain higher quality, be more secure, and effectively manage APIs and data.

Our Application Development & Modernization experts start every engagement with a fresh look at the modernization of Service Delivery Lifecycle Management (SLM) and the technology uplift that may be required. Our KPI-driven approach allows you to cut OPEX while simultaneously accelerating applications lifecycles to boost agility.

Reduce OPEX. Capture the As-Is state and get a view on potential benefits that can be achieved by incorporating a new Way of Working (includes Automation).

Improve development lifecycle management WoW. Adapt new Digital Ways of Working to enable faster and better ways of delivering Transformative IT through modernizing application delivery methodology from a people, process and tools perspective.

Implement required technology uplift of some applications (to be cloud ready): ​
Deploy a phased and holistic approach to legacy application modernization that helps to unclutter architecture, API'fy applications and place customers on the digital track.

Create a dashboard for tracking digital products. Measure the right KPI's to improve service delivery, business agility and reduce TTM of digital products.

Ensure the effectiveness data of legacy applications in the new digital ecosystem. Gain application portfolio analysis and rationalization to help the mapping process.

Harvest the investment of Ericsson products. Maintain continuous improvement of the Way of Working and TTM.

Your partner to transform legacy applications and secure the digital evolution

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Ericsson has both the depth and breadth in Telco IT transformation to help operators untangle their IT spaghetti landscape and transform it into a simple and agile future – and reduce Opex in less than 2 years.

Choose Ericsson for Application Development & Modernization if you want to:

  • Get a speedy ROI. Realize a ROI in less than two years for Tier 1 operators' BSS/OSS domain
  • Cut resource costs. Reduce maintenance efforts by using up to 20% fewer resources
  • Control ADM spending. Reduce annual ADM spend by as much as 40 percent
  • Reduce trouble tickets. Drop ticket incidents by up to 30 percent.=
  • Add new capabilities faster. Gain new digital-ready capabilities more quickly
  • Adopt DevOps. Introduce new ways of working for new generation products.

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