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What does it take to make new?

High-performance operations are fundamental to successful innovation. The Ericsson Operations Engine combines advanced customer analytics with agile development to rapidly test, deploy, 
and scale new services to drive growth.

Whether you're ready to unlock the power of 5G and IoT or lay the groundwork for new businesses, the Ericsson Operations Engine optimizes and adapts to your existing network infrastructure for continuous innovation.

The Ericsson Operations Engine in action

The Ericsson Operations Engine provides the performance, flexibility, and scale to accelerate innovation across the network. Explore the numbers behind some of our most recent work.

Transform from a traditional waterfall approach to agile and DevOps methodologies to boost collaboration, speed, and scale when developing new applications and digital services.

  • Reduce time-to-market for new services by up to 30%
  • Reduce software errors by up to 50% within 3 months of deployment
  • Reduce technical debt by up to 15% in as little as 6 months

Leverage network slicing to create MVNOs to provide mini-networks for select industries and enterprises.

  • Accelerate time-to-market and time-to-customer for new services
  • Create new or enhance existing business models
  • Deliver high levels of performance, security, and flexibility

The Ericsson Operations Engine uses AI to analyze complex data sets and improve network performance in real-time—driving revenues and reducing churn.

  • One customer experienced a 35% decrease in poor performance for high-value users when file sharing and a 20% decrease when browsing
  • The same customer increased upload speeds on Facebook by 35% and download speeds by 8%

The Ericsson Operations Engine leverages network data to predictively and automatically scale resources during the launch of new services to support temporary loads.

  • Accelerate campaign launch time by up to 50%
  • Reduce CAPEX using commercial off the shelf (COTS) to minimize the need for over dimensioning
  • Reduce OPEX with data-driven resource scaling

Take a closer look at what's possible

Operate with the future in mind

Combine data-driven insights with enhanced collaboration, flexibility, and scale to lay the foundation for new developments.

Speed time-to-market for new services

Secure an innovative and competitive edge, leveraging AI and automation to reduce the window from concept to deployment.

Keep pace with the Ericsson Operations Engine

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Explore more of the Ericsson Operations Engine

Redefine customer experience in realtime

Delivering consistent performance and reliability are critical to the success of next-generation networks. The Ericsson Operations Engine combines AI, automation, and unrivaled expertise to help you provide enhanced consumer services, unlocking new experiences and pushing boundaries of what a network can do.

Drive efficiency from the inside out

The exponential growth of connected devices requires networks to operate more efficiently than ever before. The Ericsson Operations Engine harnesses the power of AI, automation, and leading expertise to intelligently monitor and manage networks worldwide—reducing costs, securing assets, and boosting productivity.