Get ready for 5G

Managing SDN / NFV

Seamless management of hybrid networks

As network functions are virtualized for 5G physical and virtualized network elements will coexist for some time to come. Are you prepared for managing hybrid networks in a cost-effective and efficient way and deploy new services?


Managing SDN/NFV environments

Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are transforming networks and are a key enabler for 5G. However, legacy networks are likely to run in parallel for a while until the virtualized consolidation has been completed. So, CSPs need to adapt their operations to manage hybrid networks. 

Ericsson is an early adaptor of SDN/NFV. We have adapted our managed services early on to manage and operate hybrid and / or SDN/NFV environments in a seamless manner. 

As SDN/NFV services partner we understand the challenges CSPs may face transitioning to a digital environment. We have set up labs for our customers to test their use cases in a customizable SDN/NFV operational environment.
It's all about supporting CSPs to create the best user experience on the road to 5G.

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Automation and AI

An SDN and NFV environment consists of a stack of complex components, including Service Layer, Virtualized Network Functions Layer, Cloud Layer, Infrastructure Layer. 

Dynamic services put a lot of pressure on Operations. SDN & NFV Operations have to be highly automated for Root Cause Analysis, Preventive Maintenance, Preventive Assurance and Incident Resolution. Ericsson Managed Services' automated SDN & NFV Operations framework is built on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Complex Event Correlation and Closed-Loop Automation. 

AI and ML are critical components for Root Cause Analysis and Predictive Assurance. Whereas AI helps the SDN & NFV assurance team to pin point the exact Root Cause in a complex environment, ML facilitates Predictive Assurance by using machine learning algorithms like Reinforcement Learning. 

Alarms from the SDN & NFV layers are aggregated and correlated using MS IT's complex correlation system. A human-guided, Closed-Loop Automation engine reads the alarms, analyzes them and executes the resolution procedures in the SDN & NFV environment.

Trial your digital use cases in a safe environment

Ericsson has opened Managed Services Innovation labs in Germany and Italy and is setting one up in the USA. The purpose of the labs is to facilitate faster innovation and creation of services with our customers.

The labs offer a customizable test environment to support communication service providers (CSPs) in the formulation and execution of their digital strategies. The labs allow CSPs to trial and hone their use cases in telco / hybrid cloud environment which reflects the real-world.