The future runs here

The Ericsson Operations Engine is powering new levels of connectivity. Now discover what’s powering it.

An engine is only as good as its parts

Engineered to meet the demands of increased network complexity, the Ericsson Operations Engine combines advanced components and capabilities into one powerful solution. It enables service providers to proactively manage the network to enhance customer experience, drive efficiency, and pave the way for innovation.


Unlock components

Components provide the core elements of the Ericsson Operations Engine. From AI and automation to people and processes, every component has been carefully assembled to empower service providers with a range of operational capabilities.

Not all AI is created equal. Our team of telecom experts and data scientists work closely together to ensure AI is solving the right problems. With the ability to rapidly solve complex challenges, AI is essential to network design, operations, and optimization.

Automation uses technology to remove monotonous, repetitive tasks from traditional ways of working, reducing costs and boosting productivity. With more than 6000 automation rules, the Ericsson Operations Engine drives efficiency at every level of the organization.

The Ericsson Operations Engine engineers advanced processes to power everything from dynamic deployment to collaborative innovation. Many processes use closed feedback loops to learn and optimize over time, improving operations on-the-fly.

The workforce powering the Ericsson Operations Engine combine the domain competence and data science experience essential to solving the challenges of tomorrow. Their skills, knowledge, and experience are augmented by next-generation technologies like AI and automation, which in turn are empowered by the latest technologies.

From granular network measurements to aggregated customer experience indicators, data drives everything we do. Using AI and automation, the Ericsson Operations Engine processes large, complex data sets to uncover valuable insights and drive new levels of network performance, flexibility, and scalability.

Applications bring the advanced analytics, tools, and insights to your fingertips with superior control and flexibility. The four types of applications: intelligent, process, assurance and automation share the same underlying technology, enabling service providers to work seamlessly between them.

A network that works with you

The Ericsson Operations Engine augments the skills and experience of service providers using AI and automation to predict and prevent disruptions in real-time. Watch this customer use case with Peter Laurin, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Managed Services.

Unleash capabilities

Data is only as valuable as the change it enables. The capabilities of the Ericsson Operations Engine leverage analytics and insights provided by the components to realize a full range of targeted business outcomes.

Fueled by AI and automation, data-driven operations enable the shift from reactive to proactive network management. The Ericsson Operations Engine efficiently manages everything from individual network elements to large-scale data centers to provide superior connectivity.

Traditional network design relied on network-centric drivers at the expense of real-world customer experience. The Ericsson Operations Engine leverages an experience-centric model to evolve networks intelligently, using targeted CAPEX investments to deliver superior performance while limiting costs.

The Ericsson Operations Engine processes massive data sets using AI and machine learning to provide a high-resolution image of the network. With deep insights into performance and reliability, service providers are able to pivot and adapt networks to meet the growing demands of customers and enterprises.

Monolithic applications have no place in a modernized network and IT operations environment. The Ericsson Operations Engine leverages API and microservice-based applications to improve collaboration, accelerate time-to-market for new services, and reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

Increased volume combined with the growing complexity for new technologies like 5G and IoT create multiple security challenges. Leveraging AI and automation, the Ericsson Operations Engine provides an end-to-end solution to detect, monitor, and manage threats using real-time risk visibility and automated resolutions.

The Ericsson Operations Engine leverages next-generation tools and expertise, enabling service providers to rapidly test, deploy, and scale new products and services. An end-to-end solution, it removes complexity at every stage of the process for 4G, 5G and IoT deployments to ensure a smooth handoff to operations.

The Ericsson Operations Engine not only enables service providers to impact existing operations, but also provides a platform to innovate and nurture new businesses. The OpenWorks lab combines people expertise with best-in-class tools like AI and analytics to rapidly test, deploy, and scale new products and services.

Reimagine the operating model

Sam Keys-Toyer, Head of Business and Portfolio Development at Ericsson Managed Services introduces the Ericsson Operations Engine.

Accelerate business outcomes

The Ericsson Operations Engine is driven by business outcomes. With the destination in mind, it transforms best-in-class components into real-world capabilities to deliver powerful results with speed, efficiency, and agility.

Redefine experience

By leveraging AI and automation, data-driven operations enable service providers to proactively monitor, manage, and enhance customer experience on-the-fly.

Drive efficiency

Advanced applications and infrastructure enable intelligent optimization to reduce costs, secure assets, and boost productivity.

Fuel innovation

Dynamic deployment harnesses the power of AI, automation, and agile ways of working to streamline operations and enable new services now.