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End-to-end solutions for the construction of 5G radio sites that are both future-proof and cost-effective for mobile networks that will operate profitably. We help service providers maintain cutting-edge infrastructure that meets today’s needs and future growth.

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With limited site resources and ever-growing site costs, mobile operators are faced with a large number of challenges, including site acquisition costs and sizing, when adding 5G to their macro sites. To alleviate these issues, Ericsson is launching two new solutions that combine several network elements into sleek form factors to limit site footprint, shorter time-to-market, reduce cost, and increase performance.

Ericsson’s new Hybrid AIR and Interleaved AIR are the latest additions to our award-winning and globally renowned Ericsson Radio System. These solutions combine radios and passive and active antenna elements into one radome – lowering site costs and complexity while boosting performance and deployment options. 

With these new radio products, CSPs can prepare their sites today, for tomorrow’s needs -- using the same footprint while boosting capacity and tailoring storage solutions. 

In addition, the two new AIR products support Ericsson Many Core Architecture (EMCA) and Uplink Booster – two of Ericsson’s key differentiators in the marketplace – enabling extended coverage and giving our products unparalleled performance with virtually limitless scalability across multiple generations of hardware. EMCA is the key to network evolution; facilitating innovation within radio and transport and securing the service provider’s future-proof investments. EMCA consists of purpose-built hardware, based on Ericsson’s own custom silicon, which contains hundreds of digital signal processors with accelerators. It gives our products unparalleled performance with virtually limitless scalability across multiple generations of hardware.

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“Ericsson and Vodafone have jointly designed the Interleaved AIR antenna platform, a key enabler for mid band 5G rollouts as it supports legacy bands plus the new 5G active antennas. This compact product saves space and simplifies the infrastructure needed at mobile sites, reducing total cost of ownership.”

- Francisco Martin, Head of Radio Products - Vodafone Group

5G sites in a nutshell

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1. Smart connected sites: allows service providers to fully benefit from artificial intelligence and automation features in order to manage networks in a more efficient way, by unifying all site elements in a single O&M tool

2. Antenna systems: an integral part of the Ericsson Radio System (ERS), including a full range of high-quality products: passive antennas, active antennas, filters and combiners, tower-mounted amplifiers, feeder systems and accessories

3. Integrated site solutions: a combination of our cost-efficient, high-performance ERS products, offering network service providers the combined benefits of fast time to market, easy installation, and a higher level of product and infrastructure integration

4. Installation and distribution system:  enables a complete ERS installation for any site type – whether on a tower, mast, rooftop, in the street or indoors. All products are verified and tested with the related nodes to ensure their effectiveness.

5. Network Synchronization: a complete solution, including hardware and software, for Network Synchronization for Access, Transport and Core networks that provides support for all the relevant synchronization options, e.g., GNSS, SyncE, NTP and PTP

6. Enclosure system: streamlined for 5G applications, offering features and functionalities that meet every customer’s needs during the construction of a radio site, with the most TCO-friendly solution on the market

7. Power: a wide range of solutions for reliable, efficient and scalable power distribution and energy storage for 5G expansions

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For the latest episode of our podcast "The Voice for 5G" David Hammarwall, Head of Product Line Radio and Mikael Eriksson, Head of Kathrein Mobile Communication were invited to talk about these launches. Learn more about Antenna Integrated Radios and why mid-band spectrum is crucial from these experts.

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The solution

With all Ericsson Radio Site System products, our solution will bring service providers:

  • Fast time to market through the rapid installation and integration of our verified solutions
  • Ericsson Radio System design, which ensures the effective interworking of all components, limiting the need for testing and minimizing time to revenue
  • Reliability for years of high performance
  • Remote management for active site components such as power systems to enhance reliability and safety, minimizing truck rolls and reducing maintenance costs.

As a solid foundation for the Ericsson Radio System, the Ericsson Radio Site System makes seamless and easy network evolution a reality from the ground up. It contains all the required elements to effectively design, deploy, install and manage a radio site.

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