Network Support Services

AI boosting your Support Services

Thanks to our AI-powered Support Services, you could offer users your network service which never go down. 

As part of our network services evolution, we have two new offerings focusing on automation, artificial intelligence and digital transformation. Our Network Intelligence and Omni Network Channel optimize the user experience by ensuring service continuity through a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and global expertise.

“Our people, framework and technology are our main assets. These new offerings are all about putting the service provider in the center by enabling self-help as well as smooth collaboration, co-creation, and easy access to data – all of which will help secure an always-on Omni Network Experience.”

– Roger O’Hargan, Head of Service Area Networks

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Roger O'Hargan, Head of Service Area Networks, highlights the latest Network Support Services updates.

The latest elements added to our Support Services

Network Intelligence

With our Network Intelligence you get pre-emptive support on any issue that may arise – before it happens . That means network stability and superior end-to-end performance. Using near real-time data collection, advanced machine learning and AI-powered analytics, Network Intelligence reduces critical incidents by 35 percent, carrying out selective data collection and resolving issues within one day of detection.

Omni Network Channel

Our Omni Network Channel is the unified digital workspace you need to oversee your network, resolve issues fast and offer users connectivity they can count on. It gives you ready access to our knowledge and insights, allowing you to anticipate every challenge you face together with us. It also enables you to contact us for intelligent assistance at any time of day so we can address the matter together.

Key benefits

Improved network quality

Addressing incidents preemptively reduces network issues by 60 percent, boosts operational performance, and reduces voice over LTE (VoLTE) critical-failure detection time.

Optimized user experience

There are 35 percent fewer critical network incidents, with insights gained up to two hours before any network impact. Issues are resolved automatically within five minutes of data collection starting. 

Fast adoption of technology

Our single digital collaboration interface provides easy access to relevant new software and documentation. Omni Network Channel facilitates the adoption of any new technology released.

Network service intelligence at your fingertips

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