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Ericsson collaborates with Intel to unleash energy savings in core networks

At MWC, Ericsson will showcase the latest results of its collaboration with Intel demonstrating a 3.2x performance increase and unlocking over 40 percent energy savings in core network servers using Intel® Xeon® Next-Gen processors. 

Feb 26, 2024
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Through Ericsson’s innovative core network software, CSPs can enable energy savings through just a software upgrade in installed base core networks. The capabilities highlighted mark a significant stride towards enhancing performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability for CSPs globally. These results are presented in both companies’ booths. 

In modern mobile networks, approximately 20 percent of the energy consumed is used by the core network, cloud infrastructure and IT support systems. With sustainability and energy efficiency at the top of the agenda for CSPs globally, it’s vital all parts of the network become more energy efficient to help the telecom industry reduce overall consumption. Ericsson has delivered impressive results in reducing energy consumption in the Radio Access Network, as this consumes around 80% of the energy in a mobile network, and the company also continually strives for greater efficiency in its core network and cloud infrastructure solutions.

Ericsson’s core network solutions include market unique and innovative software to leverage different server processor generations. Ericsson’s and Intel’s deep collaboration already means CSPs whose cloud infrastructure uses Intel processors can upgrade their Ericsson core network software to take advantage of energy saving advances without needing to change server hardware. These are game-changing capabilities for CSPs, as they can benefit today from energy efficiency improvements in their installed base of EPC and dual-mode 5G Core networks.

To unlock further energy savings, the two companies have collaborated on Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core and Ericsson Cloud Infrastructure running on Intel® Xeon® Next-Gen processor. This resulted in a 3.2 times improvement in performance and over 40 percent reduction in energy consumption compared to the 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors used in most of the installed base of EPC and 5G Core Ericsson deployed networks.

Ericsson is continuously optimizing its dual-mode 5G Core to provide high performance and energy efficiency, and it supports different server processor generations. We also provide unique cloud-native architecture in the Ericsson Cloud Infrastructure, which enables faster adoption of new CPU generations maximizing the efficiency for new high-capacity server generations. These solutions will function seamlessly with the latest commercial Intel Xeon processor, and work is already ongoing to ensure a smooth transition when the next generation Intel processor becomes commercially available. We also make use of Intel innovations in power management to simplify energy tuning of the Ericsson Cloud Infrastructure and continue deep collaboration on software optimization to increase server and vCPU utilization.

Monica Zethzon, Head of Solution Area Core Networks at Ericsson says: "Ericsson has a legacy of constant evolution in core network technology to deliver high performance while actively managing energy consumption. Our collaboration with Intel supports our continuous efforts to build the most energy efficient core networks. This partnership signifies our commitment to deliver cutting-edge solutions that not only optimize core network performance but also contribute significantly to our customers’ sustainability goals. Together, Ericsson and Intel are shaping the future of sustainable high performance mobile networks."

Dan Rodriguez, Corporate VP and GM Network and Edge Solutions Group at Intel says: "This collaboration reinforces both Intel’s and Ericsson’s commitment to join forces to drive technology advancements in core network server performance and energy efficiency. Our Xeon Next gen processors, combined with Ericsson software’s advanced energy-saving capabilities, mark a significant milestone in achieving high-performing and energy efficient mobile network infrastructure. This collaboration exemplifies the power of industry leaders coming together to address sustainability challenges."

Join us at Ericsson’s booth at MWC in hall 2, or Intel’s stand 3E31 in hall 3, to learn how we collaborate on the latest technologies to improve energy efficiency in core networks.

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