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Feb 18, 2003 | General press release

Leading players from mobile industry perform live demonstration of the interoperability of multimedia messaging solutions

Seamless multimedia messaging services (MMS) across different networks, handsets and servers assist in mass-market adoption

Feb 11, 2003 | General press release

Ericsson demonstrates mobile video call in a fully integrated dual-mode 3G platform

Ericsson Mobile Platforms today announced a major new milestone achievement within its 3G development. The company now offers solutions for personal video telephony working end-to-end on a fully integrated dual-mode WCDMA/GSM platform, using a cost-effective small-sized solution.

Feb 06, 2003 | General press release

Carl-Henric Svanberg new CEO and President of Ericsson effective April 8, 2003

Ericsson's Board of Directors has today appointed Carl-Henric Svanberg new CEO and President of Ericsson. He will take office at Ericsson's Annual General Meeting on April 8, 2003. Carl-Henric Svanberg is presently CEO for the international lock group Assa Abloy. Ericsson's CEO and President Kurt Hellström will stay with the company until year-end in order to secure a successful hand over.

Jan 30, 2003 | General press release

Ericsson to power Vodafone live! in Egypt