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Canadian 5G users want the best quality of experience and are willing to pay more to get it

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  • Ericsson ConsumerLab Report shows Canadians are all about performance and quality of experience when it comes to 5G networks
  • Canadian 5G users looking for improved metrics on quality of experience, including video streaming quality, mobile gaming/video calling experience, and 5G speed consistency
  • Twenty-two percent of Canadian 5G smartphone users are prepared to pay more for a 5G plan that ensures differentiated service 
  • Accordingly, Canadian 5G users are three times more likely to switch providers over poor 5G connectivity experiences in crowded locations like shopping malls and arenas
Press release
Nov 20, 2023
Canadian 5G users want the best quality of experience and are willing to pay more to get it

TORONTO, November 20, 2023 — A new study by Ericsson ConsumerLab reveals over one-in-five Canadian 5G smartphone users are willing to pay a premium for a 5G plan that ensures elevated network performance, particularly in areas of quality of experience and network performance, that caters to high-performing video streaming, gaming, and other popular apps to boost user satisfaction. This underlines the potential for communication service providers (CSPs) to tap into a heightened demand for differentiated connectivity.

The report, titled “5G Value: Turning Performance into Value,” demonstrates the business potential for CSPs as consumer satisfaction with 5G rises, with Canada showing a 12 per cent year-over-year increase, fueled by more 5G devices in market, faster network speeds, and an increase in 5G availability.

The research reveals that the factors influencing consumer satisfaction are themselves changing - moving primarily from 5G geographical coverage considerations to more application-experience-based metrics such as video streaming quality, mobile gaming/video calling experience, and 5G speed consistency - especially among early 5G adopters.

Head of Ericsson ConsumerLab, Jasmeet Singh Sethi, says: "Canadian 5G users have high expectations for their service; they're seeking not just connectivity but rather differentiated connectivity where it matters most like crowded arenas or public indoor locations, the value-added experience that enhances daily activities,” says Sethi. "Our findings reveal that if these expectations aren't met, consumers are three times more inclined to switch to a provider that can deliver a superior 5G experience, with twenty two percent of users willing to pay nine per cent more for a service that offers differentiated quality of experience over 5G."

Jeanette Irekvist, President at Ericsson Canada, says: “This report is a testament to the quality of service and experience in networks in Canada and the sophistication of Canadian 5G users, including their high expectations of reliability and quality. As 5G adoption speeds up in Canada and globally, it’s important for service providers to expand the capacity and performance requirements, while improving network quality for apps, to meet these ever-growing demands.”

Additional Insights for Service Providers

The Ericsson ConsumerLab report revealed four priorities for service providers:

  • 5G network satisfaction drivers are evolving beyond coverage. Post 5G buildout, service providers would benefit from prioritizing network optimizations that cater to high-performing video streaming, gaming, and other popular applications to boost user satisfaction.
  • 5G is reshaping video streaming and augmented reality (AR) usage. On average, Canadian 5G users report a 28 per cent increase in time spent streaming video in HD/4K format per day and a 59 per cent increase in time spent on watching multi-view video streaming compared to 2022. Service providers looking to increase customer engagement should offer innovative service bundles to leverage the rising demand for new video formats and AR, driven by 5G.
  • 5G performance at key locations influences consumer loyalty. Since the launch of 5G in Canada, a substantial 20 per cent of consumers have changed their service provider, and the primary driving factor behind this shift is 5G network performance. Remarkably, nearly 46 per cent of those who've made the switch did so due to the quality of their 5G network. Service providers should prioritize enhancing 5G performance in key locations to boost consumer loyalty and minimize churn rates.
  • 5G consumers will pay premiums for differentiated quality of experience . Forty-one per cent of users demand more data to justify a price increase, and 17 per cent are looking for bundles with innovative services, while 22 per cent expect superior performance and prioritize connectivity. Service providers should explore differentiated 5G monetization strategies with speed tiers, content bundles, and QoS-based pricing, leveraging 5G SA capabilities and targeted segmentation.


The comprehensive global research - which reflects the views of an estimated 21 million Canadian consumers, including about 12 million 5G customers - is part of an Ericsson research series which has tracked the evolution of the 5G consumer market since 2019.

More than 37,000 consumers in 28 countries were interviewed during May and June 2023. The research scope is reflective of the opinions of about 1.5 billion consumers, including 650 million 5G users.

Read the full report: 5G Value: Turning performance into Value

70 Years of Connecting Canadians

Ericsson Canada has played a vital role in the country’s innovation ecosystem for 70 years, including supporting communications service providers through every generation of mobile communication. Ericsson Canada is also a partner in the national ecosystem network aimed at fostering 5G adoption and collaboration in Canada. Ericsson Canada has R&D centres and offices in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto and is among the leading R&D spenders in the country – averaging some $345 million per year.

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