Spectrum management

Spectrum management is about efficient use of scarce resources and allocation of new spectrum to highest societal benefit. It is also about global or regional coordination and harmonization of spectrum usage to decrease cost of technology by increasing economies of scale hereby maximizing the affordability for all users.

The need for harmonized spectrum

There is a need for spectrum harmonization between countries planning early 5G deployment. This needs to be done in addition to the current process for WRC-19, which focuses on spectrum for commercial 5G deployment beyond 2020.

The need for harmonized spectrum

Mobile spectrum bands

A spectrum plan divides a radio frequency spectrum into a number of frequency bands and specifies the general purpose and use for each band. This process is referred to as the allocation of frequency bands to radio communication services. Ericsson endorses the 3GPP spectrum band allocations for mobile broadband & Internet of Things.

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Connecting the unconnected

Ericsson’s technical innovations and services can help find sustainable and efficient ways to deliver mobile broadband to the 50% of the world’s population who is currently without internet connection.

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Mobility Report

Ericsson Mobility Report is a unique report dealing with the global and regional mobile traffic development based on real traffic patterns measured in live networks from around the globe. It also contains analysis and forecast of mobile data traffic.

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Optimizing spectrum assignments to deliver expansive 5G connectivity

While competitive auctions remain much more efficient than their assignment processes, ensuring plentiful supply and optimal auction approach to how the government launches their spectrum auction is critical.  How 5G spectrum auctions are designed will have a material impact on the version of 5G that will be realised. 

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Expansive Mobile

On 14th May, Communications Chambers launched their Expansive Mobile report, sponsored by Ericsson. 

Expansive Mobile refers to the need to drive pervasive, capable and consistent connectivity, all of which 5G will amplify.

In this report it further explores the shift to mobile connectivity and how policy priorities need to realign in order to realize the benefits of a ‘mobile first’ world.

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