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Towards Sustainable and Trustworthy 6G: Challenges, Enablers, and Architectural Design

While 5G networks are being rolled out across the globe, research and consensus building for the 6th generation mobile networks (6G) are already well underway. The main goal of this book is to introduce the upcoming 6G technologies and outline the foreseen challenges, enablers, and architectural design trends that will be instrumental in realizing a Sustainable and Trustworthy 6G system in the coming years.

The book provides a comprehensive landscape of the current research activities on 6G in Europe and sets a solid cornerstone on the 6G development towards a more connected, intelligent, and sustainable world.

Capitalizing on the European 5G Public-Private-Partnership (5G PPP) Phase 3 projects working on 5G & Beyond and 6G research in recent years, and the join efforts between the Architecture Working Group (WG) and the 6G flagship Hexa-X project, this book delves into the critical challenges and enablers of the 6G system, including:

  • new network architectures
  • novel enhancements
  • the role of regulators, network operators, industry players, application developers, and end-users
6G book by new Publishers


Ömer Bulakçı,6G Program Manager at Nokia, Germany and Chair of the 5G PPP Architecture Working Group.

Xi Li, Senior Researcher at NEC Laboratories Europe in Germany and Vice-Chair of the 5G PPP Architecture Working Group.

Marco Gramaglia, visiting professor at University Carlos III of Madrid.

Anastasius Gavrasis, programme manager at Eurescom GmbH in Germany.

Mikko Uusitalo, Head of Research Department Radio Systems Research Finland at Nokia Bell Labs and overall lead in the European level 6G Flagship projects Hexa-X and Hexa-X-II.

Patrik Rugeland, Master Researcher at Ericsson Research, Sweden and Technical Manager in the European 6G flagship projects Hexa-X (2021-2022) and Hexa-X-II.

Mauro Boldi is a Project Manager in the Innovation department at TIM, Italy, and is currently leading dissemination activities in the European 6G flagship projects Hexa-X and Hexa-X-II.


Authors also include, from Ericsson:

Mehdi Abad, Anne-Marie Bosneag, Ashima Chawla, Mårten Ericson, Hamed Farhadi, Pål Frenger, Omer Haliloglu, Yinggang Li, Christofer Lindheimer, Behrooz Makki, Rafael Puerta, Merve Seimler, Stefan Wänstedt, and Vijaya Yajnanarayana.


Published by now Publishers

Pdf download ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-119-69263-8

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-63828-239-6

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