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Ericsson Digital Services helps you to enhance the way you engage with your customers, to automate operations and to build a programmable network. We want to enable you to become a digital service provider so you can better serve and grow your customers and build industry relevance.

Distributed cloud

Ericsson distributed cloud goes beyond NFVi and Edge Computing. Our approach brings cloud capabilities to the masses by sharing storage across strategic points to improve load balance and resilience. Any workload, anywhere in the network, orchestrated end-to-end.

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Report: Scalable network opportunities

A new report, Scalable network opportunities – an economic study of 5G network slicing for IoT service deployment, analyzes the economic benefits.

Future Digital blog

Ericsson future digital dez blanchfield transmissions from tomorrow Monica Z
Evolve communication services  •  Apr 19, 2018

Unlock potential with communication services - Podcast #6

Once smartphone technology and applications were made available to the masses, it was like everyone suddenly had been offered their own personal keys to a gigantic amusement park.

Automated network operations  •  Apr 18, 2018

The rising demand for ´as a Service´ solutions

Software as a Service has been around for ages, but has recently found to be a focus for telecom operators globally. Several reasons have contributed to a rise in demand for ‘as a Service’ delivery.

Prepare your core network  •  Apr 13, 2018

GlobalData gives Ericsson top ranking for its policy control solution

When we created the new Ericsson Service-Aware Policy Controller (SAPC), we decided to make it different—something that the operator could not only use, but also enjoy.

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