Technology for Good

At the current trajectory, mobile broadband will provide network coverage to around 92 percent of the world’s population by 2024. This scale brings an unprecedented opportunity to address global challenges of sustainable development. Technology for Good is our initiative where we use our expertise in new technologies, our solutions, and our advocacy to make life better around the world.

From boosting livelihoods, promoting financial inclusion and gender equality, and improving access to health, education, government services and more, ICT is an essential part of our lives. It helps advance equality, democracy, and freedom of expression. We are strong advocates of the role of ICT to enable the realization of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to frame the global development agenda over the next 15 years. Our outreach, partnerships and solutions seek to bring the benefits of mobile technology to everyone to create a more inclusive and sustainable world.

The positive impacts that ICT can have on society are instrumental. Digitalization creates an infrastructure that can enhance financial and social inclusion, improve access to education and health, and that can aid humanitarian matters as poverty and hunger, refugees, peacebuilding and disaster response.

Explore examples and cases of Ericsson projects that address the SDGs.

Technology for Good Impact Report 2019

This Report focuses on the positive effects created by Ericsson and our customers and partners in society. We highlight cases where our technology and expertise are helping to solve global challenges, across broad themes of climate change and reducing inequalities.

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The link between mobile broadband and GDP

How important are mobile broadband networks for global economic development? On average, a 10% increase in the MBB adoption ratio causes a 0.8 percent increase in GDP. Read more

The link between mobile broadband and GDP

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Internet for All

Internet access is a fundamental enabler for improving quality of life, as it provides the opportunity to access useful information and services. This is a critical factor in reaching the SDGs. We are committed to serving the next wave of internet users by making mobile broadband access more affordable and accessible for all.

ICT in education

ICT is a transformative force in responding to key development challenges such as access to education, SDG 4. Our partner program Connect to Learn brings the benefits of ICT to children around the world. Quality education prepares children for economic and personal empowerment and can have a positive effect on national economies.

Humanitarian response

The world faces increasing conflicts, refugee crisis, natural disasters and other challenges. If ICT is utilized we can transform humanitarian response and empower affected communities. On top of our long-running disaster relief program Ericsson Response, we also support other humanitarian projects.

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Social and financial inclusion

Mobile financial services offer the possibility to bring millions into the formal economy, boosting individual livelihoods and transforming economies. Here you can read more about our efforts to drive greater financial and social inclusion.

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