Creating an immersive experience

Enhancing cultural experiences through connectivity

Reaching new audiences through connected culture

Art, music and theater offer rich cultural experiences, and by reimagining the confines of space and time, innovators are enabling more people to enjoy immersive performances than ever before.

Ericsson is working alongside King's College London on Connected Culture, a project that aims to break down the barriers of location and give people around the world access to performances no matter where they are. Together, we are developing robust and efficient ways of creating immersive experiences that give audiences the feeling of immediacy – the feeling that they are truly there.

Connected Culture combines art and technology to explore the possibilities of networked performances, where connectivity is used to bring audiences and performers in different locations together for one united experience. The project involves collaboration with real artists and performers, who are able to use the technology in their work and explore what they might be able to achieve in the future. This has led to several workshops and performances, including a concert with a hip hop group in London performing alongside a choir broadcasting from a studio in New York, creating a combined real-time audio and visual experience.

Sense a difference

Connected Culture explores how connectivity can transform the way we interact with the arts, and the ways that 5G networks will impact sensory modalities – hearing, vision, touch and kinesthesia. It is about releasing audiences from limited sensory inputs, and giving them a more enhanced, enriching experience.

Ali Hossaini is an artist and philosopher who has produced a number of cutting-edge shows on these subjects, such as Ouroboros, an acclaimed 3D visual poetry installation about the history of the universe. As a Research Fellow at the Department of Informatics at King's College London, he brings his wealth of knowledge and passion to the Connected Culture project, working as the driving force behind cultural innovation by providing valuable first-hand experience.

Ali believes that by testing different applications for 5G technology, Connected Culture is creating a foundation for future network performances. Above all, it is about bringing people together. Be it the combination of art and science, the unity of different entertainment media, or the maximizing of different senses, Connected Culture is a social project that aims to engage audiences in new and exciting ways.

Watch the video to discover more about how we are creating entirely new cultural experiences.

Focus on: Supporting access for all

With networked performances, the horizons of theatre, art and music will be broadened beyond imagination, with no limit to the amount of people they can reach and impact. New generations will have greater access to cultural experiences, and the limits of time and location will no longer be significant with the creation of new entertainment spaces.

For example, the rise of virtual reality technology means there is the possibility to replicate spaces, creating entirely new arenas where global talent is united for a common purpose. Imagine a future where audiences can fully immerse themselves in a musical or theatre performance, where they can look at and feel their surroundings, without actually going to a specific location.

The immediacy of these immersive experiences will depend on 5G technologies. Robust stability in the form of reliable communication, low latency and high bandwidth will be needed to support the audio and video involved in remote performances and virtual environments. Ericsson is providing the research, technology and expertise to create this 5G infrastructure, including methodologies such as network slicing and software defined networks.

In this video, Peter Marshall, Principal 5G Lead with King's College London at Ericsson, discusses how Ericsson and King's College London are assessing society's lack of access to the arts, and devising new ways of working that transform limitations into possibilities.

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