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Seize 5G opportunities

5G Core networks will provide new capabilities to evolve existing services and create new services. It will significantly expand the possibilities of mobile broadband and open-up a new dimension of use cases and business models.

It will enable you to:

  • Introduce 5G quickly and effectively while protecting existent services
  • Address new segments with flexibility and agility
  • Launch IoT services accommodating scale and traffic differentiation
  • Reduce cost and increase performance with virtualization and automation
  • Provide superior network stability and security
  • Quickly introduce new functionality and do maintenance updates
  • Enable tighter fixed/mobile convergence and reduce complexity in IT system

Accelerate your journey to 5G

The Ericsson Cloud Core solutions for 5G delivers cloud native applications that supports both 5G EPC and the 5GC architectures. It's an evolution of our powerful virtualized portfolio, designed for cloud deployment, consisting of our Cloud Packet Core and Cloud UDM and Policy products.

The network evolution from EPC to 5G Core plays a central role in creating a powerful programmable network platform for 5G, capable of being exposed and automated, for operators to extract more value and become contributors in existing and emerging ecosystems.

Our core evolution paper focuses on how this evolution journey can be simplified, with a holistic approach and based on our extensive experience with leading operators around the world; to reduce risk, cost and time to market.

Watch our Evolution to 5G webinar

Recommended alternatives for Core Network Evolution to 5G
October 4th, 3pm London/10am New York

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Don't experiment. Work with leading solutions and a trusted partner.

5G Core solution built on market leading EPC, PCRF and SDM solutions
Our portfolio leadership in core network solutions is recognized by leading industry analysts as well as majority of Tier1s world-wide.

One core network for all accesses and services
All mobile access technologies as well as fixed wireless access (FWA) in one core system.

Cloud native from design
Our solutions implements the best cloud native practices.: infrastructure agnostic, microservices, individual life-cycle managements, multiple resiliency and truly integrate DevOps ways-of-working.

Mitigate your implementation risks
Our vast experience and global presence, deploying and managing end-to-end and multi-vendor networks, allows us to assure you a smooth migrating to 5GC., adding the valuable insight, experience and perspective of a truly partner for transformation.

Broad expertise in early 5G deployments and a wide industry collaboration
We are partnering with all 5G early adopters in North America, Asia and Europe; acquiring a vast 5G deployment experience and developing new 5G use cases with operators. Our collaborations with chipsets and user-equipment makers gives you a time-to-market advantage to launch 5G services with the best devices.

Next steps

Learn more about the Ericsson Cloud Core offerings for 5G core

In focus


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Ericsson continues to lead the top vEPC vendors according to recent Dell'Oro and GlobalData reports.

Continuous software delivery and deployment

Understand more on how our software approach will help you stay competitive.

Customer case: Swisscom

Continuous delivery and deployment of software is helping Swisscom turn on 5G.

Maximizing potential for 5G

5G will change the way we work, interact, learn and play. Through our work with Ericsson, we are creating a clear roadmap, and building a robust ecosystem that will enable us to maximize the potential of 5G.

- Ed Chan, SVP Technology Strategy, Verizon