5G Core

Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core combines EPC and 5GC network functions into a common cloud native platform for efficient TCO and smooth migration to 5G.

Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core

What can Ericsson dual-mode 5G Core do for you? Watch the video above and get a quick view.

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New capabilities with built-in software probes and expert analytics

Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core now launching the capabilities with built-in software probes and Ericsson Expert Analytics.

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How to build a cloud native 5G Core – executive summary

What does service providers need to have in place to introduce new 5G Core architecture for NR standalone and key learnings from early 5G Core deployments.

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Start your journey to 5G Core

5G is around the corner and we can already to see the first 5G networks going live around the globe. However, these new 5G networks will co-exist with the existing 4G ones for a long period of time. The journey to 5G Core is not simple, though, and will imply a technology shift with the adoption of a new 3GPP defined network architecture (service-based architecture) and new network functions built on cloud native technology. With service providers’ needs and concerns in mind we have developed the dual-mode 5G Core solution.

A solution that combines 3GPP network functions from EPC and 5GC architectures into a common cloud native software platform that supports 5G NR Stand-Alone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA), 4G, 3G and 2G accesses technologies.

By implementing the dual-mode solution service providers will have more control to migrate to 5G on their own pace and in alignment to their business needs.

It enables to:

  • Introduce 5G quickly and effectively while protecting existing services
  • Address new segments with flexibility and agility
  • Reduce cost and increase performance with automation cloud native design
  • Quickly introduce new functionality and do maintenance updates
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Accelerate your journey to 5G

Dual-mode core network

Watch the video to see why you need the dual-mode core network solution. Watch more demo videos.

Key benefits with 5G Core

5G Core enables new ways of achieving challenging business and operational goals. Our solution helps you:

  • Manage traffic growth with CAPEX efficiency
  • Reduce OPEX and operational inefficiencies
  • Grow revenue with agility and speed
  • Deployment flexibility and a smooth evolution to 5G
  • Manage TCO during the migration to 5G
91 commercial agreements

Publicly announced 5G contracts

Several CSPs have partnered with us. Check the latest information on our 5G commercial agreements.

Work with a leading and trusted partner

  • Our vast experience and global presence allow us to assure a smooth migration to 5G.
  • We are partnering with all 5G early adopters in all continents; developing new 5G use cases all over the world.
  • Our wide collaborations with chipsets and user-equipment makers give you time-to-market advantage to launch 5G services.
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More about dual-mode 5G Core

The Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core is an evolution of our powerful virtualized portfolio, designed for cloud deployment, consisting of our Cloud Packet Core, Cloud UDM and Policy and Signaling Controller products. It can help service providers get the most out of cloud native, microservices, user plane performance and more, enabling new ways of achieving challenging business and operational goals, while migrating to a 5G Core. Download our TCO benefits paper to learn more.

The network evolution from EPC to 5G Core plays a central role in creating a powerful programmable network platform for 5G, capable of being exposed and automated, for operators to extract more value and become contributors in existing and emerging ecosystems. Programmability in 5G Core networks has the potential to disrupt today's mobile network business models allowing service providers to expand then offerings to industry 4.0 beyond connectivity. Download our 5G Core programmability paper to learn more.

The journey from EPC to 5GC can offer many different paths and challenges, but we offer ways to simplify this evolution journey. Download the core evolution paper which gives a holistic approach for this evolution, based on our extensive experience with leading operators around the world; to reduce risk, cost and time to market.

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