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Dynamic Orchestration

Fast forward towards zero-touch with next-level service automation

Automate service launches now and be ready for the 5G/IoT era

  • Support end-to-end orchestration of services for hybrid networks with a multi-vendor environment
  • Automate the creation, provisioning and assurance of E2E services.
  • Aid digital transformation and embrace 5G and IoT use cases by automating processes and activities to manage networks at scale.
  • Dramatically decrease customer service time from weeks to minutes with closed-loop automation

Verizon’s Peter Konings shares how Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration lets Verizon stay ahead of the market by allowing for easier onboarding of partners, zero touch provisioning for customers, and closed loop assurance that enables Verizon to deliver a higher level of SLA.

How to make E2E orchestration a blissful experience

Ericsson’s Ana Freitas shares how dynamic orchestration can help service providers achieve automation and operational savings.

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Accelerate your service automation journey with Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration

Dynamic Orchestration is a pre-integrated solution that supports specific business use cases, enabling service providers to launch services which leverage both physical and virtual network functions. Ericsson’s Dynamic Orchestration solution comprises the following Ericsson offerings: Network Manager, Orchestrator, Adaptive Inventory, Cloud Deployment Engine, CENX Service Assurance and Expert Analytics.

Key components of this 5G and IoT ready solution include:

  • Element Management: To provide VNF specific lifecycle management such as scaling and healing based on application specific knowledge
  • End-to-End Orchestration: To automate the instantiation and configuration of network services, including all intra-DC and inter-DC network services, across multiple domains and multi-vendor scenarios
  • Inventory: To provide a real-time topology as well as service design & assign capabilities for physical, virtual and hybrid customer services across multiple domains
  • VNF Onboarding: To quickly Onboard and validate multi-vendor VNFs on the Service Provider environment
  • Assurance: To monitor application and infrastructure alarms across domains, and thus also to enable policy-based and automated self-healing scenarios for the end user services
  • Big data analytics: To rapidly and accurately identify and prioritize customer-impacting events, and to automatically identify most probable root cause and recommended next best action to deliver a superior customer experience

Take the fast lane to increased income and cost savings

A technology shift offers glorious opportunities, but its complexity means operators are taking an incremental, step-by-step approach.

Dynamic Orchestration helps service provider advance through their steps, paving the way to automation of end-to-end services. Service providers can enter the fast lane for realizing revenues from these new services -- and cost savings from more efficient operations.

Dynamic Orchestration enables the creation, provisioning and assurance of E2E services in an automated way. Key benefits include:

  • Speed in time to market: Automating fulfilment and customer onboarding means quicker service launch and reduction in associated operational expenses 
  • Service level automation: Enables Self-service customer provisioning and closed-loop assurance to maintain customer SLAs
  • Central management: Visualization of end-to-end services across multiple domains
  • Open, multi-vendor: with open-APIs the orchestration solution can easily integrate with multiple vendors
  • Aligned to industry standards: Our orchestration solution is fully aligned to ETSI MANO stage 3 specifications and TOSCA for service lifecycle management

Webinar on Demand: Orchestration in Action

Dynamic Orchestration will help you to achieve automation and operational savings no matter where you are in the automation journey.

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