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Enterprise service orchestration

Be ready for the 5G enterprise business opportunity – grow topline through a programmable network open for enterprise ecosystem innovation and through secure and automated end-to-end service management across multi-clouds and network domains.​

What is enterprise service orchestration and why do you need it?

Service orchestration is the process of designing, creating and delivering end-to-end service offerings in an automated way. Operator networks have traditionally been domain specific and managed in silos, which makes the service creation and delivery slow and costly. Service orchestration removes those silos to support service providers’ migration to more flexible networks, based on multi-vendor and multi-cloud environments.

To be a relevant player for enterprises as they digitalize their business processes, service providers must provide services and capabilities beyond connectivity. Enterprise service orchestration and exposure of network assets is foundational to succeed with that. Below are some examples of what will be possible to do using enterprise service orchestration and exposure.

  • Program the network, or “tailor make” functionality for multiple different needs for many enterprises and applications.
  • Place workloads at the right physical location in the network to realize new use cases with high quality, for example to achieve the lowest possible latency or save bandwidth.
  • Create customer portals for easy service ordering and management for enterprise staff.
  • Provide access to network capabilities and data, such as positioning, QoS and SLA assurance, traffic isolation and data integrity. These functions and data can be used both in existing applications and for developers creating new services.
  • Automate enterprise service and application management for SD-WAN, communication and collaboration and private 5G networks.

Benefits with enterprise service orchestration

  • Connect to multiple application ecosystems and orchestrate the workload in a multi-cloud and multi-vendor environment.
  • Accelerate introduction and delivery of services from months or days to minutes through agile service design and automated service management.
  • Automate workload placements, service deployment and end-to-end network slicing across central and edge sites to enable monetization of new business opportunities. 

Switch on 5G with Dynamic Orchestration 

Dynamic Orchestration helps CSPs in delivering today's services while capturing the emerging opportunities driven by 5G and IoT. The solution makes it possible for CSPs to advance through their automation journey and realize revenues from new services -- and cost savings from more efficient operations.

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