Service Automation

Remove the complexity in your network with Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration. Simplify operations and cut costs with automated provisioning and insight-driven service assurance.

How dynamic orchestration works

MIT Insights automation report

Why is automation a critical step for future business readiness? What are the near-term benefits of automating network management? Read what network operators are saying.

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Service automation and network slicing

Webinar: Network slicing

What does end-to-end network slicing require? This webinar explores the most important capabilities to build today in preparation for network slicing in 5G.

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Automated provisioning with service automation

Blog post: Automated provisioning

What is automated provisioning and why is it so important? Read why it’s critical to reap the benefits of technologies like NFV, SDN and containerization.

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Service automation and Dynamic Orchestration

While 5G promises new business opportunities, it also introduces new technology that, when blended with existing technology, increases the multitude of network types, service types, system stacks, and infrastructure layers. This complexity threatens speed, efficiency and profitability. That’s where Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration, and its service automation capabilities, come in.

A versatile way to simplify operations and maximize efficiency, this modular service automation solution helps operators close their automation gap. It enables unparalleled automation in OSS to provision and assure the hybrid network. Fully integrated into Ericsson’s next-generation network technology, it is ready to maximize delivery of new services based on the extended capabilities of 5G networks.

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Benefits of Dynamic Orchestration

With automated provisioning and insight-driven service assurance, Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration simplifies operations, moving you closer to the zero-touch experience.

  • A single orchestrator for radio, transport and core – managing physical, virtual and cloud native network functions.
  • AI-powered closed-loop assurance automatically adapts the network in real time, maintaining SLAs
  • Automated onboarding and continuous deployment accelerates time to market in multivendor environments.
  • Network slicing automation enables monetization of new business opportunities.
  • See more features and benefits in this infographic

Part of Ericsson's 5G Platform, this solution supports specific business use cases, enabling service providers to launch services which leverage both physical and virtual network functions. Read more about this 5G and IoT ready solution.

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Switch on 5G with Dynamic Orchestration

With Dynamic Orchestration you can excel at delivering today's services while capturing the emerging opportunities driven by 5G and IoT. The solution helps service providers advance through their automation journey, so that they can enter the fast lane for realizing revenues from new services -- and cost savings from more efficient operations. That's 5G switch made easy.

SD-WAN orchestration

 Enterprise customers require more than basic SD-WAN service, leading service providers to take a multi-vendor approach to SD-WAN and creating a need to manage and orchestrate a multi-vendor SD-WAN ecosystem. By preparing to offer diverse SD-WAN vendor solutions, service providers can provide a comprehensive enterprise-edge solution, but these solutions must be managed effectively in order to assure superior quality of service.

Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration not only manages a multi-vendor SD-WAN environment, it also lays the foundation to a full-stack NFV platform that can go beyond SD-WAN into multiple domains, from network access, to backhaul transport, to enterprise core to 5G edge and network slices. With benefits that span simplified SD-WAN management and the agility to deploy enterprise services, Ericsson's solution has been proven in Verizon’s deployment to support bundles of SD-WAN with security, SD-WAN with WAN optimization and many more variations. 

SD-WAN Strategies Survey Report 2019

Read the results of a global SD-WAN services operator survey about orchestration for managed SD-WANs, application security, and standardization and certification.

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challenges in orchestrating enterprise services

TM Forum report: Enterprise service orchestration

Read about the obstacles to orchestrating enterprise services, where CSPs are making progress, and why SD-WAN is an orchestration game.

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Learning about SD-WAN and dynamic orchestration

AvidThink report: Playing the orchestration game

Read about the key drivers and requirements for the second wave of SD-WAN, why orchestration is critical, and what may come next.

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Resarch about SD-WAN and dynamic orchestration

Appledore report: SD-WAN management solution

Explore the competitive SD-WAN management market and learn more about Ericsson’s offerings, unique capabilities and differentiators.

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