EE: Transitioning to a proactive network operations model

We are helping EE to improve the efficiency of its network operations. With our Preemptive Support service, the UK operator is able to identify and address issues before they escalate, allowing its operations team to focus on new services and technologies, and ultimately improve the experience for the user.


Ready for tomorrow today with Preemptive Support

We have partnered with UK operator EE to provide a Preemptive Support service with significant results. Faced with an ever-growing and increasingly complex network, EE required a proactive solution that could detect issues before they escalated. Despite a 3 times increase in software upgrades between 2015 and 2016, critical incidents have decreased by 30 percent, with the improved stability strengthening brand value and improving user experience.

The need for change

For many years, EE has relied on a traditional approach to network operations, responding to alarms reactively as they occur. However, with the addition of new technologies and their associated available services, the network has become more complex. This additional complexity presents increased risks to everyday stability, as teams are monitoring a growing variety of services and KPIs.

Regaining control with analytics and automation

To improve the way it responded to increasing complexity in the network, EE chose to work with us. As Ericsson and EE’s working relationship spans 20 years, we were able to utilize our in-depth knowledge of the operator to provide a service that complements the operations team’s existing way of working – helping them to regain control.

The service is Ericsson’s Preemptive Support. It combines our global experience with advanced data analytics, which automatically scan the network for early signs of emerging incidents. An Ericsson qualification team is then able to analyze the abnormalities, sync them with alarms and present EE with a prioritized and manageable list of problems with specific preventive actions.

"Ericsson Preemptive Support helps us get early alerts in real time for real issues on the network, so we can identify issues and be proactive rather than reactive to network alarms.". Richard Caul, Senior Manager Core Voice Platforms at EE
EE Operation Center

From reactive to proactive

The result is a service that delivers on EE’s goal to improve the efficiency of its network operations, by enabling it to deal with network incidents proactively rather than reactively. Underlying issues can be addressed before they escalate, significantly reducing the number of alarms across the network and allowing the operations team to focus on more important issues – such as preparing for the growth of cloud, IoT and 5G, and for the launch of new and innovative services.

Despite a three times increase in software upgrades in 2016 in comparison to 2015, critical incidents have been reduced by around 30 percent. This improvement in stability has helped EE go from strength to strength; for example, the operator recently launched VoLTE and VoWiFi and is number one in the UK for performance and quality.

Customer needs

  • Enhance network quality in a competitive market
  • Improve the way the operations team deals with increasing network complexity

The solution

  • Ericsson Preemptive Support service
  • Ericsson’s global expertise combined with advanced data analytics

The result

  • Transformation from reactive to proactive network operation
  • Improved efficiency of network operations
  • Improved user experience – number 1 in VoLTE and VoWiFi

Customer profile

EE was formed in 2012 following the merger of Orange and T-Mobile. With approximately 550 retail stores and 31 million customers, it is now the largest and most advanced digital communications company in Britain. EE also pioneered the nation’s first superfast 4G mobile service, with geographical coverage now at more than 80 percent, and population coverage at more than 99 percent. In 2016, EE was acquired by BT.

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