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Ericsson Radio System enables smooth, fast and cost-effective migration from 4G to 5G, allowing operators to launch the new technology and grow 5G coverage fast. Ericsson Radio System comprises hardware, software and services for radio, RAN Compute, antenna system, transport, power, enclosure and site solutions– all run by a common management system. It fits all site types and traffic scenarios, even as networks grow in scale and complexity.

Communication Service Providers are seeking solutions that support traffic growth as well as emerging use cases and business opportunities. Helping them to embrace these challenges and opportunities, Ericsson 5G radio access  technologies will provide the infrastructure needed to support the world’s growing demand for high-bandwidth connections and support the real-time, high-reliability communication requirements of mission-critical applications.

The specification of 5G will also include the development of a new flexible air interface, New Radio (NR) which will target high-bandwidth and high-traffic-usage scenarios, as well as new scenarios that involve mission-critical and real-time communications with extreme requirements in terms of latency and reliability.


Ericsson is extending the Ericsson Radio System to deliver new radio access products and functionality that will smooth the operator’s transformation journey to 5G. Ericsson Radio System extensions deliver a high performance, end-to-end 5G access system which includes the industry’s first global portfolio of 5G NR radios.

Ericsson is also first to market with solutions that enable 4G LTE networks to evolve smoothly on the journey towards 5G, such as Ericsson’s new 5G platform for combined core and radio use cases. The platform comprises the 5G core, radio and transport portfolios, as well as digital support systems, transformation services and security.

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Ericsson Radio System

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Ericsson Radio System - Portfolio

The Radio System consists of hardware and software for radio, baseband, power, enclosure, antenna and site solutions, the industry-leading MINI-LINK portfolio for microwave transmission and a fully integrated IP Router portfolio, all managed by a common management system.

Ericsson Spectrum Sharing

With a simple software installation, Ericsson Spectrum Sharing offers quick introduction of 5G over a wide area, for all 5G-enabled devices leveraging 4G spectrum and existing Ericsson Radio System infrastructure.

5G Radio Dot

Introducing the much-anticipated Ericsson 5G Radio Dot - the small cell solution  unleashes just the high-capacity and lightning-fast indoor coverage people have been waiting for.

Our unique 5G capabilities

With the first 5G commercial launches well underway, Ericsson´s technology allows you to evolve your network smoothly, switch on 5G and deploy services flexibly at scale. Our 5G platform is the most complete solution that can provide the capabilities, and achieve the efficiencies and revenues required to succeed in 5G.

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Things move fast in this industry, why staying ahead can be make or break. Future-proof, scalable network architecture is the key. We build solutions that empower your customers. Transform your network with innovations that are built to meet the demands of tomorrow. Find out how.

Breaking the energy curve report

Breaking the energy curve report highlights Ericsson’s unique network-level approach to help communication service providers to quadruple data traffic without increasing energy consumption.

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