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Turn on 5G with Ericsson Radio System

Ericsson Radio System is your complete solution to build a 5G Radio Access Network and turn on 5G.

Launched in 2015 with radios, small cells, baseband, transport, site solutions, software, management and associated services, we’ve continuously evolved our portfolio to meet the demands of not only today, but also tomorrow.

The installed base of Ericsson Radio System radios from 2015 onwards will be capable of running 5G NR technology with a simple remote software installation, and our recently announced first commercial 5G RAN software enables first-movers to turn on 5G on new frequency bands and capture lucrative new revenue streams.

New additions to Ericsson Radio System portfolio

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Ericsson Radio System supporting your future now

With changing usage patterns and data consumption growing at 70% yearly, networks need to be fit for today and for what’s next. Our system support both 4G and 5G, enabling operators the smoothest migration possible from 4G to their 5G futures, using the same hardware.

Exciting new additions to the Ericsson Radio System portfolio

We have strengthened our Ericsson Radio System portfolio with a host of new radio products supporting Massive MIMO technology to enable the smooth evolution from 4G to 5G. We have also added a new category of radio products called Street Macro – a new site type that addresses the need of operators to grow in dense urban locations when available radio locations are limited.

Ericsson Radio System: new products

Densify your networks in metropolitan areas where there are no new rooftop sites available with three new products for the Street Macro layer:

  • AIR 4455 – a 4T/4R antenna integrated radio in a small form
  • factor.
  • AIR 1281 – a 5G high-band Massive MIMO integrated radio.
  • Streetmacro 6701 - a 5G high-band fully integrated unit which is an antenna and processing-integrated radio.

Quickly and cost-efficiently add capacity in metropolitan areas with three new Massive MIMO products for the Macro layer:

  • AIR 3239 – a Massive MIMO TDD antenna integrated radio for mid-band usage with 32 ports.
  • AIR 3252 – a dual-band Massive MIMO TDD antenna integrated radio for mid-band usage with 32 ports.
  • AIR 5126 – a Massive MIMO TDD high-band integrated radio with 512 ports

Increase on-site capacity with Massive MIMO technology without increasing the amount of antennas already deployed, with two new products for the Macro layer:

  • AIR 6479 for TDD.
  • AIR 8828 for FDD.

These products combine Massive MIMO functionality with integrated passive antennas that can be connected to existing radios.

Go micro and increase capacity and peak speed on small cell sites:

  • Radio 4402 for FDD.
  • Radio 4408 for TDD.

Both micro radios have 4T/4R ports and support 4X5W output power, allowing you to simplify the upgrade of your micro cells to 4X4 MIMO functionality and increase capacity and speed.

Two radios for multi-band

  • Radio 8823 – a 8T/8R radio for the attractive 3.5GHz band.
  • AIR 4488 – a triple-band antenna integrated radio that supports 4T/4R configuration on 3 active bands and also has integrated passive low-band and mid-band antennas to connect additional radios to reach 7 frequency bands in total
  • Radio 2238 – a triple-band radio specifically designed for the sub 1GHz bands.
  • And a new mid-band radioRadio 8823 – a 8T/8R radio for the attractive 3.5GHz band.

High-capacity baseband in an outdoor variant:

  • Baseband 6318 – an outdoor variant that fits on the rail system of the Ericsson Radio System with the same baseband capacity as our high-capacity indoor baseband variants.

A new series of Fronthaul 6020 products to obtain network capacity and optimization gains with efficient CPRI and eCPRI transport called Fronthaul 6622 for indoor usage and 6322 for outdoor usage.

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