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Immersive gaming, virtualization, connected stadiums. It’s just around the corner. Ericsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers. This unique perspective enables us to produce industry leading research to help you discover what consumers are talking about right now.

Securing Network Security

Network security is an investment for new business opportunities and it can become a differentiator.

Building 5G Networks

Ericsson has the experience, skills and solutions to secure a successful 5G transformation and enable you to unlock your full 5G potential.

5G platform

Be amongst the first to market with 5G. Grow 4G capacity in your network now and unlock your full 5G potential with Ericsson’s experience, skills and solutions.

The Voice of 5G - podcast

Working in telecoms? Interested in 5G, but not really that deep into what it is? This is the podcast for you!

5G spectrum: strategies to maximize all bands

Strategies for utilizing spectrum assets, and re-use of existing networks assets, are fundamental to achieve a smooth and cost effective introduction of 5G.

5G radio technology for high bandwidth connections

Radio access technology is crucial for 5G. It provides the infrastructure needed to support the world’s growing demand for connecting people, things and industries.

Create your 5G business now

Enhanced Mobile Broadband mainly for consumer will be the first application for 5G, improving cost-efficiency and customer experience. 5G also gives operators the possibility tap into new revenue streams addressing the industry digitalization with IoT.

Software Defined Infrastructure

Facilitates NFV transformation to 5G, increasing infrastructure flexibility through vPODs.

Mobile transport network evolution

Transport is a game changer for 5G and we believe that a need to rethink mobile transport strategies is crucial to keep the 5G promise.

Explore our latest ubiquitous 5G transport solutions

We’re evolving mobile transport to deliver high-capacity, low-latency 5G connectivity across all cities, suburbia, and rural areas. Welcome to the era of ubiquitous microwave and fiber-based transport.

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