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Massive MIMO increasing capacity and spectral efficiency

Multi-antenna transmission already plays an important role in current generations of mobile communication and will be even more central in the 5G era.

Single-user MIMO, and Multi-user MIMO are Massive MIMO implementations to increase user data speeds and system capacity to meet 5G standards. Single-user MIMO (SU-MIMO), and Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) leverage Massive MIMO by dynamically transmitting data as highly-focused beams and exploiting multipath propagation and spatial multiplexing to simultaneously send and receive more than one data signal over the same radio channel. By beam steering a highly-focused beam, a stronger radio signal with higher data throughput is delivered over a greater distance using less energy.

In Single-user MIMO, multiple data signals can be sent to a single user. Multi-user MIMO further increases capacity by enabling multiple users to simultaneously utilize the same time and frequency resources. In practice, Multi-user MIMO dynamically switches between Single-user MIMO and Multi-User MIMO - depending upon network conditions and the application requirements - in addition to modifying the number and shape of the beams to deliver excellent performance to each network user.

In summary, Single-user MIMO, and Multi-User MIMO both improve the end user experience, and significantly increases the network capacity and coverage while reducing interference. Through the intelligent reuse of system resources, Multi-user MIMO further increases capacity by transmitting data to multiple user devices using the same time and frequency resources with coordinated beam forming and beam steering.

5G New Radio on FDD

How to quickly add capacity and boost network throughput with FDD Massive MIMO.

5G Plug‑Ins

To facilitate a rapid evolution of 5G access networks and the successful adoption of 5G services, we have announced 5G Plug-Ins - software-driven innovations that bring essential 5G technology concepts to today's cellular networks.

Understanding Ericsson 5G Plug-Ins

5G will usher in a shift from the network-focused concept of cells to the user-focused concept of beams. Instead of sending out energy in all directions, beams concentrate the energy to send the signal more directly to the user.