Towards zero-touch with service automation

Use automated operations to drive CSP service agility​

Service automation

Service automation is foundational to efficiently manage services and applications both for consumers and enterprises across network and multi-cloud domains. By automating the service and application lifecycle management, service providers can transform their business to make the most of 5G. Let's explore how.

What is service automation?​

Service automation is the automation of manual tasks for designing, ordering, fulfilling and assuring services to increase efficiency. Service automation is the only way for a communication service providers (CSPs) to achieve the vision of zero-touch operations.  Service automation enables orchestration of network and service workflows and processes. 

Service automation helps make CSP networks programmable. Combining artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) with automation provides efficient and dynamic networks in a way that isn’t possible manually.

Service automation impacts the whole service lifecycle:

  • Design
  • Deploy
  • Operate

Reducing time-to-market, reducing testing, improving order management, making order fulfilment more efficient and improving customer experience through closed loop assurance.

Scale 5G for enterprises now with service automation | Video | 2 min.

Service automation for enterprise

Service automation for CSPs

What is service automation for enterprise?​

The 5G enterprise market promises new business opportunities for CSPs. This is where the majority of the industry’s revenue growth is predicted for the next few years. The revenue streams will come both from the traditional connectivity service and from the growth of digital services provided to the enterprise.   However, to drive a profitable enterprise business it is essential to automate service operations. ​

5G introduces new technology that, combined with legacy technology, use of cloud services and the growth of a new ecosystem, significantly increases complexity. ​

Enterprise service automation is the automation of key tasks, processes and workflows for complex services to multiple industry segments and is critical to profitably scale CSPs enterprise business. Service automation includes intent-driven end-to-end service orchestration, order fulfilment, network configuration, network function instantiation and includes optimization and assurance of services.​

Benefits of enterprise service automation

Enterprise workloads are running on both public and private clouds, and they are distributed across multiple providers. To support this, enterprises need multi-domain service automation that optimizes the available resources; which will be possible by incorporating orchestration managing  a multi-domain, multi-vendor and multi-cloud environment.​

Service automation will be a fundamental part enabling sufficient resources for your 5G services. With service automation of e.g. SD-WAN, network slices and edge services operators can expect significant benefits in cost structures and realizing new business opportunities.

With an orchestrator that combines, coordinates and integrates automated tasks across domains (radio, transport & core) and use cases CSPs can:

  • Optimize workflows of automated tasks across disparate systems
  • Support workloads running on both public and private clouds distributed across multiple providers
  • Optimize available resources, placement of applications where capacity is needed on demand
  • Orchestrate network slices to be instantiated, and life cycle managed based on dynamic consumer needs

Explore how effectively orchestrated SD-WAN solution can result in significant cost savings and enable new enterprise services | Video | 2 min.

Using service automation to drive new use cases

Ericsson’s service automation solutions simplify operations, moving you closer to the zero-touch experience.

  • A single orchestrator for radio, transport and core – managing physical, virtual and cloud native network functions.
  • AI-powered closed-loop assurance automatically adapts the network in real time, maintaining SLAs
  • Automated onboarding and continuous deployment accelerates time to market in multivendor environments.
  • Network slicing automation enables monetization of new business opportunities.
  • Unified product and service catalog, a single source of truth driving the whole fulfillment flow based on the defined configuration
  • Catalog driven order care with single point of supervision and management of order processes end-to-end

Ericsson Service Automation Solutions

Ericsson Ordering and Orchestration Manager

With the opportunity of an enterprise market growth, there is a clear shift of focus for introducing and scaling enterprise services. However, service providers will need to accelerate their journey into the enterprise space as there is a significant number of players in the value chain. With superior ordering and orchestration management capabilities and leveraging the network capabilities of network slicing service providers can claim the role they want to take in the value chain. Service providers can provide a seamless, consistent ordering process and maintain fast delivery of competitive enterprise offerings.

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Learn more about Ericsson Ordering and Orchestration Manager | Video | 2 min.

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Ericsson Orchestrator

Ericsson Orchestrator enables automation of hybrid infrastructure including PNFs and VNFs. It supports Resource Orchestration, VNF Life Cycle Management and e2e Service Orchestration for both telco and enterprise environments.

Ericsson Catalog Manager

Catalog Manager allows customers to rapidly launch and enable new innovative offerings with simple user experience and enterprise product, service & resource catalog capabilities. 

Ericsson Order Care

Improve the customer experience with Ericsson Order Care, an order management system for handling automated workflows and manual work activities across services, systems and groups.

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