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A better 5G network

How do you build your 5G network faster, leveraging existing network, with less equipment, higher bit rates, lowering the energy consumption, and operating with lower complexity? Let us show you here.


Our simple philosophy is to reuse existing spectrum, low bands, sites and the existing mobile network infrastructure while bring new capabilities. The simplicity lies in the raw power of our Ericsson Radio System, 5G Core, 5G Carrier Aggregation, Service Automation and Dynamic spectrum sharing software. The latter, which we call Ericsson Spectrum Sharing, is our award-winning innovation enabling an easy and fast way to introduce 5G in low bands, as it removes the need for challenging spectrum reframing projects. Together, all of these, five portfolio offerings make Ericsson 5G truly unique in the industry. The one that enables a better 5G network for our customers.  

To manage both 5G and 4G, our 5G Core is designed to support both systems in one common software platform. Built using cloud native technology it reduces complexity while keeping operating expenses low. Our new 5G Core architecture combined with the Services Automation helps to facilitate increasing revenues in new market segments, enabling a wider partner eco-system for services innovation. And when your network is ready for the next step, you can fast track to 5G standalone while securing zero-interruptions when switching between 4G and 5G, 6x faster access to higher data rates and significant savings in network infra-structure.

What about sustainability? Switching on a 5G network shouldn’t necessarily mean an increase in energy consumption. Our proposition allows to build a smart 5G deployment that enables operators to realize energy savings by preparing the network with technology solutions that use energy-saving software, building 5G with precision, and operating site infrastructure intelligently. 

All in all, the Ericsson’s 5G platform offers you a better way to a better 5G.

Launching: A better 5G security for your packet core

Ensuring 5G service availability today, with yesterday’s dedicated security solutions is challenging. That’s why we’re strengthening our 5G Platform with the Integrated Ericsson Packet Core Firewall – an advanced 5G security offering powered by A10 Networks for your dual-mode 5G core.

Our new solution allows service providers to:

  • Control your security solution landscape across multiple products and vendors with a single, all-in-one solution seamlessly integrated with Ericsson Packet Gateway in Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core. 
  • Protect your network as it grows, with an integrated, edge optimized and life-cycle managed security solution in the user plane, ready to distribute and scale naturally no matter the 5G use case.
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership more than 50 percent, more than any other packet core security solution.

Discover more about our new firewall in network security.

Our 5G platform for a better 5G network

Ericsson is the market leader in terms of 5G live networks across 4 continents. Here, Ericsson´s 5G platform plays an instrumental role, in helping you build a better 5G network in a better way.

With Ericsson's 5G platform you can:

  • Evolve your network from 4G to 5G in a fasterway and boost performance with precision.
  • Maximize automation in your operations and use AI to help you deal with increase network complexity.
  • Monetize your evolving existing use cases as well as developing new ones, across the Mobile Broadband, Fixed Wireless Access and IoT domains.

Ready to switch on 5G? We're here to help.

Presenting our complete 5G platform

Our unique capabilities make it easy to build your 5G network

This is how we intend to make the 5G switch easy for you: Our evolved 5G platform includes five unique capabilities, click below to find out more

Ericsson Radio System

Thanks to the future-proof approach built into the design of the Ericsson Radio System, it is already equipped with 5G capability. This means deploying 5G will simply be a matter of installing software.

Same system for 4G and 5G

Ericsson's 5G Core

Ericsson’s solution to 5G Core offers a multi-access and programmable cloud native network designed for your 5G future. Manage growth with automation and simplified operations, and adopt the required agility to capture new business opportunities.

5G Core

Ericsson Spectrum Sharing

Share spectrum dynamically between 4G and 5G at the same time, using the same hardware. Ericsson Spectrum Sharing means nationwide 5G coverage from day one. 

Read about 5G coverage

Service automation

With automated provisioning and insight-driven service assurance, service automation simplifies operations, moving you closer to the zero-touch experience. This means greater savings and shorter time to market.

Service automation

5G Carrier aggregation

Coverage and capacity are the key elements of an optimal 5G user experience. Carrier aggregation is the foundation for a better 5G, an effective tool to extend the network coverage.

Read about carrier aggregation

Customers switching to better 5G network

Telstra’s 5G coverage move

Telstra wanted to move very quickly and offer 5G coverage service across their whole 4G network with Ericsson Spectrum Sharing. Watch the film

Swisscom’s switching on 5G

Why did Swisscom choose to partner with Ericsson for their deployment of 5G? And how do they aim to achieve 90% population coverage by the end of 2019. Watch the film.

Take your business to a new level with 5G

5G for consumers

It’s a well-known fact that 5G is introducing a world of opportunities for the consumer market. Why? Because 5G is much more than speed and far beyond a network upgrade – the potential for new revenue streams coming from consumers is limitless. At Ericsson, we’ve been studying consumer behavior globally for a long time and tailored our portfolio to maximize their experiences. Want to get ahead in the game with a sharper monetization strategy and think ahead of your current offerings? Time to talk 5G for consumers.

To 5G for consumers

5G for business

5G is open for business. With commercial 5G networks already live around the globe, the next wave of 5G expansion will allow businesses of all types to reap the benefits of enhanced mobility, flexibility, reliability and security. This will enable IoT and industrial applications reaching never-before-seen-levels. For service providers, this is a massive addressable market with a potential of 700B USD by 2030. Discover how you can expand the value of 5G and turn the 5G powered business into a reality.

To 5G for business

Explore Ericsson's live 5G networks

We're proud to say that communication service providers all around the world have chosen to deploy 5G using our leading network technology.

Click the link to explore our live 5G networks across the globe.

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