A complete 5G platform for smooth network evolution

How do you manage a massive increase in mobile data traffic and address the growing complexity of the network while maintaining current investment levels? You deploy the best technology for the job. And that's - 5G. With 5G you can reap the rewards of new use cases and offer services that generate revenue growth.

Ericsson is the market leader in terms of live 5G networks across 4 continents. Here, Ericsson´s 5G platform plays an instrumental role, as a complete portfolio all set to deliver on the promises of 5G technology.

With Ericsson's 5G platform you can:

  • evolve your network from 4G to 5G in a smart, dynamic way and boost performance with precision.
  • maximize automation in your operations and use AI to help you deal with increase network complexity.
  • monetize your evolving existing use cases as well as developing new ones, across the Mobile Broadband, Fixed Wireless Access and IoT domains.

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Ericsson – a better 5G

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AI-powered radio access networks

AI software functionality with unique capabilities for optimizing radio access networks, enabling service providers to boost network performance and user experience.


Our latest NR solutions will future-proof network architecture and secure 5G performance and coverage fast.


Distribute infrastructure resources and applications to meet latency and bandwidth requirements at low cost. Learn more here about Ericsson NFVI.

5G core

Combine EPC and 5GC network functions into a common dual-mode cloud native platform. Find out more about the benefits of Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Cloud Core.                                                                                                                                             

Service automation

Automate service launches now and be ready for the 5G/IoT era. Our evolved Dynamic Orchestration solution introduces network slicing and AI-powered closed-loop assurance for hybrid networks in a multivendor environment.

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Ericsson 5G platform

With our evolved 5G platform, service providers can manage increased traffic growth, boost network efficiency and experience with AI and automation as well as secure 5G revenues. Discover how by taking a closer look at what we offer below.

Digital BSS/Telecom BSS

Real-time charging and billing, digital customer engagement

Network automation

Network management, automation and orchestration of nodes, networks and capabilities 

5G Access

RAN Compute and baseband, radio, and site

5G Transport

Fronthaul, backhaul, edge and core transport.

Core network

Packet Core, Unified Data Management & Policy

Voice Services

Communication services such as voice, video and messaging

Cloud Infrastructure

NFV Infrastructure for distributed cloud environments

Network Services

Consulting, deployment, support, operations

The 5G switch made easy

We build the networks that delivers on the expectations of improved capacity, density, latency and agility of the 5G technology. Since 2015 we have shipped 1 million base stations with hardware already prepared for 5G. With innovations like spectrum sharing, cloud native dual-mode 5G Cloud Core for both 5G and earlier standards, and evolved Dynamic Orchestration with AI and fully automated networks slicing we continuously drive a quest to make the 5G switch easy.

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