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5G technology from Ericsson

With our unique experience of leadership in each generation of mobile networks, we are the only vendor currently acting on all continents to make 5G a global standard for the next generation of wireless technology.

We have a long tradition of collaboration and research, targeting long-term development of communication technologies. And 5G is no different: our concepts and technologies have been under evaluation for several years now. Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes are the first products designed to enable operators to conduct live field trials in their own networks.

With Ericsson 5G Radio Prototypes, operators move beyond the 5G hype of lab-based speed tests and gain a greater understanding of the potential for 5G in their own network environments and markets.

Sara Mazur, Vice President and Head of Ericsson Research
Sara Mazur, Vice President and Head of Ericsson Research

It’s all about creating networks that are capable of being an agile platform for new applications, new players and new services.

Sara Mazur, Vice President and Head of Ericsson Research

Why choose us as your 5G partner?

We work closely with leading operators to ensure that they gain a first-mover advantage in 5G. Together, we are advancing the development of new 5G technologies to ensure early success and rapid adoption of 5G-enabled applications.

  • We offer complete knowledge and experience built over four generations of network technology
  • A complete end-to-end vendor service
  • Active in developing major new use cases
  • A leading position in all domains required for 5G: radio, edge/core, OSS/BSS and services

Who we work with

Although the standards are not due to be completed until 2020, we are working closely with US, Korean and Swedish operators, and expect to begin trials in 2016. In fact, we are working on 5G with major operators around the world – more than any of our competitors.