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Blazing the way in planet-saving robotics.

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IADYS develops and delivers Artificial Intelligence and Robotic innovations, with a special focus on marine decontamination. In particular, their Jellyfishbot is a flexible and successful solution to more sheltered areas, like ports, marinas, lakes and canals.

With a special focus on marine decontamination, IADYS created the Sea-neT project to help with pollution in waterways. Its first solution, the Jellyfishbot, has been a huge success, collecting floating waste and oil on the surface on the water's surface. The first remote-controlled version was available back in 2018 in France, but has since spread to an international playing field, including cities like Cannes, Monaco, Montpellier, Tokyo, Norway and more.

“While diving in the Mediterranean, surrounded by plastics and waste, I realized that I had no choice but to open my eyes to the urgency of the situation. I decided to create a robot that puts my skills in robotics at the service of the marine environment: the Jellyfishbot. The contribution of 5G makes possible to transform the Jellyfishbot into a connected object. This gives it the ability to upload information (water quality or bathymetric data) to the harbor master’s office server, for example. As for data management in 5G, it is worthwhile since it allows the transfer of a large amount of data while maintaining the quality of service on sensitive information such as steering." 



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