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5G Trailblazers


Paolo Pagano

Blazing the way in port communications system capabilities.

5G Trailblazer | Pioneer

Paolo Pagano


Director of CNIT Laboratory @ Port of Livorno


Paolo has developed a successful 5G pilot for port automation, resulting in a boost for productivity while reducing cost and overall CO2 emissions.

Working as Director of the Port of Livorno ICT laboratory, Paolo focuses on the domains of digital seaports, maritime logistics, and (more recently) autonomous shipping. He also supervised the commissioning and set up of a large-scale sensing and telecommunication infrastructure at the Port of Livorno. This included the integration of a 5G network into a private cloud, featuring data virtualization as well as micro-service architecture for rapid prototyping of new services.

Paolo developed a 5G pilot with several use cases, including a green transition agenda, and enhanced augmented reality use cases to showcase the effects of improving port automation. This resulted in significant cost reduction, increased productivity and a reduction in CO2 by 8.2% per container terminal. Demonstrating that the adoption of 5G can help with green initiatives (such as a reduced carbon footprint/fuel consumption) and allows for sustainable growth of port-connected activities.

“We demonstrated that adoption of 5G shows a sensitive green impact, for example in terms of reduction of the carbon footprint and fuel consumption, allowing for a sustainable growth of port-connected activities. 5G is a cornerstone of the Port of the Future as it enables fast, reliable, and secure communications among humans and things.” 


Paolo Pagano

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