Tele 2, Croatia: Pioneers in all-IP technology

Tele2 Croatia implements a cost saving solution to increase its network capabilities and deliver quality mobile broadband services.
Tele2 Croatia

Tele2 Croatia is one of the first operators in the world to implement IP into its HSPA transport network. As prime partner, Ericsson delivered a complete end-to-end IP RAN over Ethernet backhaul solution.

As a young operator in the market, Tele2 Croatia has made its name by offering competitive services to consumers and is now the third largest operator in the country. To maintain this position, Tele2 planned to increase its service offering and this meant facing several challenges. Keen to deliver superior internet performance in the most cost efficient way, Tele2 drew on Ericsson's expertise to transform its HSPA transport network in just three months, in time for the launch of its mobile broadband service.

Collaborating with Ericsson's company in Croatia, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Tele2 Croatia implemented an end-to-end IP RAN over Ethernet backhaul network to support high performance and high speed mobile broadband services. The leading technology included HSPA and an efficient all-IP based transport network. As part of the network transformation the base stations were upgraded to IP RAN by a simple hardware installation. The backhaul network is built on MINI-LINK TN microwave and OMS 1410 optical transport equipment.

Unusually for a network transformation project, the technology was implemented prior to the local mobile broadband launch. Hans Herbertsson, Network Solution Director, Ericsson explains the benefits: "Tele2 Croatia took a brave decision to move to IP RAN even before launching its mobile broadband service. This is a pioneering solution which provides the opportunity to deliver a much better user experience than with traditional technology. They will be ahead of the competition and the first to market with new services and profiles as well as supporting new applications."

Tele2 Croatia's experience in mobile broadband, together with Ericsson Nikola Tesla's technical knowledge and global expertise, provided a successful driving force behind the project. Tele2 Croatia commercially launched its mobile broadband services in Q3 2008 and the technology enabled a speedy and efficient transmission of large quantities of data in preparation for the launch. Ericsson’s solution met Tele2's need to lower the total cost of ownership through the aggregation of traffic as well as providing the ability to upgrade easily from the office instead of a complicated and costly site visit. The offer reduces opex by simplifying operation and maintenance whilst providing unmatched scalability and service quality. Tele2 has been able to pass these savings on to the end user and remain ahead of its main competitors.

Johan Granlund, CEO, Tele2 Croatia outlines the future of the relationship: "I hope the partnership with Ericsson will continue and if they carry on delivering superior quality which helps us to lower costs then it definitely will." Tele2 Croatia acquired 62 000 new subscribers in the first quarter of 2009, an increase of 35 percent in comparison to the previous year. By being perceptive to subscribers' pricing needs and responsive to customer requirements, Tele2 is growing its market share and preparing for future growth with a minimal investment.


Customer: Tele2 Croatia

Customer Objective

  • Scalable and cost efficient mobile broadband network
  • Faster broadband speeds
  • Maintain competitive advantage

Ericsson Solution

  • Complete end-to-end IP RAN over Ethernet backhaul network including MINI-LINK TN and OMS 1410

Customer Benefits

  • Increase in subscribers
  • Future-proof and scalable network solution
  • Advantage over competitors

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Customer profile

Tele2's position in the Croatian market

Tele2 Croatia is part of the Tele2 Group, one of Europe's leading alternative telecommunication operators with over 24 million customers in 11 countries. Tele2 Croatia entered the market four years ago and is now the third largest operator in the country. Its reputation is built on providing competitive pricing and good quality communication services. Tele2 offers mobile, fixed broadband and telephony, data network, cable TV and content services. Mobile is the primary focus, complemented in some countries by fixed broadband.