5G is live at Tallinn’s top tech university

Telia Estonia and Ericsson's 5G network is on air at the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech).

The 5G network at TalTech´s campus will create opportunities for students, scientists and start-ups to use Ericsson’s 5G platform for innovation and research.

The university in Tallinn is home to leading research in autonomous transportation, Internet of Things, city infrastructure, remote VR and industry automation. The network’s fast connectivity and low latency will be crucial to push the boundaries for future research.

The 5G network at TalTech is the first on air in Estonia based on 3GPP standards and using commercial 5G products from Ericsson. The project is a significant step toward commercial 5G services in Estonia and it shows Telia and Ericsson’s commitment to accelerate the digitalization of the society.

In December 2018, Telia and Ericsson launched a 5G network at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. That network also serves as a testbed for partner companies to develop future services and new business models.


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