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Ericsson 5G networks are now switched on in South Korea - explore the case below

Ericsson 5G is live in South Korea

On April 3, 2019 KT, South Korea’s largest telecommunications company, officially switched on its nationwide commercial 5G network, ushering in a new era of super-fast and ultra-reliable connectivity for consumers and businesses.


KT's deployment strategy

KT's deployment strategy
KT's deployment strategy

At the launch, KT is focusing on initial 5G coverage for highly populated areas like shopping malls, department stores, universities, trains and highways. The deployment coverage will be quickly expanded to cover more than 80% of the population coverage by the end of 2019. 

"Having worked successfully with Ericsson on 4G LTE, we are pleased to continue that partnership to make our 5G ambitions a reality with Ericsson’s leading 5G technology." – Jinho Choi, Vice President, Access Network Design, KT.

Network solutions

Network solutions
Network solutions

Ericsson is providing 3GPP standards-based 5G New Radio (NR) hardware and software from Ericsson’s complete 5G platform to cover KT’s 3.5 GHz Non-Standalone (NSA) network. 

To provide top-speed and coverage, KT is using different variants of Massive MIMO mid-band products and classic macro radios. 

Korean consumers are well known as early adopters of technology such as advances in mobility, gaming, streaming, infotainment, and interactive functionality. All of these require large, and rapidly growing amounts of data and bandwidth.

KT subscribers with 5G smartphones are set to be among the first globally to benefit from the enhanced mobile broadband enabled by 5G through seamless and ultra-low latency user experiences.

In addition to immersive media, KT’s 5G commercialization use case plans cover: smart factories; safety; drones; and connected vehicles.


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KT: Go to market strategy

KT: Go to market strategy
KT: Go to market strategy

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