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Telecom BSS: Evolve to digital

Advance quickly and purposefully towards your digital BSS goals. Prepare to fully monetize new 5G business models. Unsure how to start? Ericsson is the only 5G network technology vendor with a complete end-to-end digital BSS solution.

What is telecom BSS?

Telecom business support systems (BSS) underpin commercial activities and handle customer-facing interactions within communications service providers’ (CSPs’) operations. BSS includes order capture & management, customer relationship management (CRM), mediation, charging and billing, as well as call center automation. 

What is the importance of telecom BSS?

BSS is critical to drive agility and operational efficiency, and to support emerging business models to capitalize on 5G opportunities as networks, applications, services and customer behavior evolve. 

OSS applications (Automated Network Operations) such as trouble ticketing and service assurance support the customer experience on the network.

Telecom BSS benefits and requirements

Watch the video and explore what 5G BSS looks like.

BSS is evolving to support the next step on the 5G journey​

BSS handles the essential processes of product management, order management, revenue management and customer management. 5G-ready end-to-end digital BSS can support 5G consumer monetization, ensuring BSS supports hybrid networks and heterogeneity across these journeys.  As CSPs transition to 5G and digital BSS, evolving solutions will contain the following key components and functionality:

  • A flexible and centralized catalog that simplifies product management and drives fulfillment, charging and assurance.
  • An online charging system (OCS) that enables real-time convergent charging, policy control, decoupling and fast service creation.
  • A convergent billing solution that combines ease of use, out-of-the box features and a high level of configurability.

Future-driven digital BSS is here now

CSPs are well-positioned to drive and monetize innovation with consumer services and across various industries. The revenue potential of 5G's new capabilities goes beyond connectivity and communication into new applications and services in the 5G economy, many of which have yet to be imagined.

Speed, bandwidth, latency, reliability and network slices are examples of features and capabilities introduced in 5G. Private networks, edge computing, partnerships and IoT are just a few of the opportunities being presented or enhanced by 5G. But to monetize these, a new type of digital BSS will be needed: one that’s more agile, flexible, robust and future-proof. And one that can work in a dual mode: supporting a 4G and the earlier architecture at the same time as a new 5G service-based architecture.” 

What specifically is changing from 4G? How can you build a 5G converged charging system?

Read our eBrief, ”What is the 5G charging function?” below to find out.

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Cases and stories

Euclides Manuel, Planning Manager – Unitel Angola

Ericsson Mediation supports Unitel

Euclides Manuel from Unitel Angola shares how Ericsson Mediation has become a “magical box“ to support Unitel’s business.

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Preparing for billing for the future

StarHub CIO Kee Yaw Yee is implementing an exciting challenger vision of innovation and digitalization as the company prepares for 5G.

Read the StarHub case here

Ericsson Mediation assisting Zain Group

Zain Group’s Abdelbagi Ahmed discusses how the operator is using Ericsson Mediation to handle a huge increase in CDR generation.

Read the Zain Group case here

Ericsson Catalog Manager assisting MTN South Africa

Wellington Sibande describes how MTN leveraged Ericsson Catalog Manager to allow its customers to build their own customer experience.

Read the MTN case here

Far EasTone, Taiwan: A BSS digital transformation

Far EasTone has decided to reposition its enterprise strategy. They have teamed up with Ericsson to change their IT systems to prepare for 5G and IoT.

Read the Far EasTone case here

telecom bss customer case

WIND on the convergence journey

Continuing its convergence journey, WIND Hellas updates its Ericsson Charging to attend the increasing customer demands.

Read the WIND  case here

Monetize new 5G business models

White paper: Analysys Mason discusses the monetization systems needed by service providers to support their 5G revenue ambitions.

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Webinar replay: BSS for 5G monetization

A new wave of business opportunities is shaping up and service providers are busy preparing their business support systems to monetize 5G use cases.

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Discover more about monetization on our blog

Read insights from Ericsson experts on the exciting new opportunities and challenges that 5G monetization could hold for you.

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Explore the components of our Digital BSS portfolio

Digital monetization platform

The Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform helps you close the gap between your digital business goals and BSS technology.


A scalable, flexible solution with a strong user-experience focus, enabling real-time convergent charging, policy control, decoupling and fast service creation. 


A convergent billing solution for telecoms that combines an unrivalled combination of out-of-the box features and high configurability.


Improve customer experience  with data mediation that ensures correct data is collected from the network.

Catalog manager

Product catalog management coupled with nimble design tools so you can create products and services from reusable product, service and resource components.

Order Care

Order management system for handling automated workflows and manual work activities across services

Wallet Platform

Provides the technology and tools to the service providers who are providing mobile financial services.

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