New deployment solutions for 5G

The new 5G NR solutions that enable far-reaching performance fast

No matter where in the world you need to provide 5G coverage, there are now more ways than ever to evolve your Ericsson radio access network quickly and cost-efficiently.


Our standalone 5G solutions ensure super-fast response times as well as the future-readiness of your network architecture, opening up new service-creation opportunities. NR Carrier Aggregation extends the capacity and coverage of mid- and high bands when combined with NR on low bands. With us, you can switch on 5G on low bands using your existing Ericsson Radio System radio and baseband, and share spectrum between 4G and 5G carriers based on traffic demand. And with our two new 16-transceiver Massive MIMO radios, you can build your 5G network with precision.

New deployment solutions for 5G

Hannes Ekström, Head of Product Line 5G RAN, presents our new solutions, explains why they are significant and outlines the value they will bring.

“Ericsson’s latest 5G offerings equip service providers with an even broader 5G portfolio by adding the Standalone NR option. The series of solutions being added to the Ericsson 5G platform will allow service providers to deploy 5G sensibly and address new business opportunities with full flexibility. What you get is faster, cheaper, makes better use of existing assets and with fewer truck rolls. That’s pretty cool.”

- Industry Analyst Hugh Ujhazy, Vice President, IOT & Telecommunications at International Data Corporation (IDC), Asia Pacific.

Discover the latest additions to our 5G radio access portfolio

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Standalone NR

This radio software feature enables service providers to launch 5G commercially while bringing the multiple benefits of ultra-low latency, improved 5G capacity and greater coverage. It supports a future-proof architecture as well as a wide range of new use cases.

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Inter-band NR Carrier Aggregation

This software feature extends mid- and high-band 5G capacity and coverage when combined with NR on low bands. It is essential to introduce NR on low bands to use Inter-band NR Carrier Aggregation. With Ericsson, service providers can switch on 5G on low bands using Ericsson Radio System infrastructure and leverage existing 4G spectrum.

AIR 1636 and AIR 1623

AIR 1636 and AIR 1623

These antenna-integrated radio solutions allow communication service providers to build 5G Massive MIMO with precision in environments requiring 16 transceiver configurations. AIR 1636 brings wider coverage which provides optimized performance on longer inter-site distances; and AIR 1623 enables easy site build with minimal total cost of ownership.

The key benefits of our latest 5G access solutions

Creating new opportunities

NR enables super-fast response times, better 5G coverage and an immersive media experience. It secures a service-based architecture, and supports network slicing and the swift creation of new services.

Increased capacity and coverage

Carrier Aggregation boosts network capacity by 27 percent or brings coverage to 25 percent more people using the mid-band for the downlink.

Peak performance

The latest radio solutions bring optimized 5G performance – by providing wider coverage for longer inter-site distances – and easy site build with the lowest total cost of ownership.

The latest 5G developments from Ericsson

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