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Mobile transport solutions to connect 5G services, everywhere

Demand for 5G services is rising sharply across consumer and industry markets. To service this demand, service providers need purpose-built microwave and fiber mobile transport solutions – delivering ubiquitous, high-capacity 5G and 4G connectivity across cities, suburban areas and remote, rural spaces.

Based on a unique combination of microwave, IP router and integrated optical solutions, our mobile transport solutions deliver the capacity, ultra-low latency and layer 3 capability needed to build, scale and service 5G everywhere. The solution is complemented with best-in-class IP, edge, core and security solutions, along with highly flexible optical transport products from our partners. Automation and seamless orchestration enables service providers to secure their radio performance while reducing complexity. Ericsson Network Manager manages the end-to-end across the radio, transport and core networks – making Ericsson a one-stop shop for all your 4G and 5G needs. We’re ready for 5G. Are you? 

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Deploying a 5G network? To maximize the potential of the network, a staged implementation is required. Read about our 5G transport solutions and what our portfolio can do for you.

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Explore our latest ubiquitous 5G transport solutions

We’re evolving mobile transport to deliver high-capacity, low-latency 5G connectivity across all cities, suburbia, and rural areas. Welcome to the era of ubiquitous microwave and fiber-based transport. Enjoy the ride.

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Mobile transport network evolution

Transport is a game changer for 5G and we believe that a need to rethink mobile transport strategies is crucial to keep the 5G promise.

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The Voice of 5G: 5G Transport

What is 5G transport? Let Ericsson's Janina Hedberg and Paul Cowling take you through the different aspects of the new generation of mobile network technology! In this fifth episode we take a deep-dive into the world of transport networks and microwave backhaul.

The Voice of 5G: Live from 5G Transport Summit

We have two of Ericsson's customers visiting the podcast - Klaus Liechti of Swisscom, Switzerland, and Glenn Landgren from Hi3G, Denmark, and we're recording live from the 5G Transport Summit in Gothenburg.

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Ericsson’s market-leading, powerful and cost-efficient microwave radio system bringing up to 10Gbps capacity with superior performance to 5G NR sites where time to market and cost are factors.

Router 6000

The industry’s highest performance 5G router(s), eliminates the backhaul bottleneck with 10/100Gbps capacity, in a form factor that avoids stranded ports. Designed as part of the Ericsson Radio System, Router 6000 enables superior RAN performance with 5G features not found in any other router on the market today.

Fronthaul 6000

The industry’s most complete, protocol-agnostic fronthaul solution for 4G and 5G, designed for, and verified with Ericsson Radio System, enables superior RAN performance in the most cost-efficient and flexible way.

Swisscom chooses Ericsson to deliver end-to-end 5G IP transport network

Ericsson has been chosen by Swisscom to deliver an end-to-end 5G IP transport network with the Router 6000 series as the site and edge router and Juniper MX series in the core.

Hi3G selects Ericsson to develop transport network for 5G in Denmark

Ericsson has been selected by Hi3G, operating as 3 in Denmark, to modernize its transport network with 5G-ready routers over the next three years.

What happened at Mobile World Congress 2019?

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Industry insights on the importance of microwave

Industry insights on the importance of microwave

Why not listen to what service providers have to say about the true significance of microwave to their 5G strategy? 

In this film interview, experts from Turkcell, Orange Global, GCI Liberty, and Cable & Wireless Communications, describe some of the major challenges they are experiencing in their network evolution as well as how Ericsson is helping them secure success through microwave adoption.

The power of collaboration

The power of collaboration

Global floods and extreme rainfall have surged by more than 50 percent this decade and are now occurring four times more often than in 1980, making access to precise weather information an absolute necessity.

Today’s weather technologies struggle to accurately predict these catastrophic events, so innovators at Ericsson and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) have developed a new way to leverage microwave data to help better prepare for the problem.

Watch the video above to learn how this innovative project is helping to support international aid organizations while boosting agriculture.

Latest trends, reports and hot topics on network transformation

Reaching out beyond cities - transport networks will take you everywhere!

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Switch on 5G with Ericsson Radio System. Secure a smooth, fast and agile introduction of 5G, to reduce cost per gigabyte for your mobile broadband business and enabling industry digitalization for growth.

Network Services and Automation

Network intelligence aims to create self-learning networks to optimize workforce and network efficiency as well as improve network performance.

Cellular IoT

Cellular IoT is growing. Be the first to tap in to new opportunities on the network through our enhanced Cellular IoT offerings, comprising Broadband IoT, Industrial Automation IoT, Critical IoT and enhanced Massive IoT.

Fixed wireless access

Are you aware that up to 50% of the world’s population are still waiting for reliable broadband access? This large number of underserved households represents a profitable fixed wireless access (FWA) growth opportunity for current 3GPP operators – and our recent studies show FWA investments typically have a payback time of less than two years.

Mission Critical and Private Networks

Ericsson Critical Broadband Networks for governments and industries to cater for their needs on mission critical and business critical communications.

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Network performance drives consumer loyalty. By delivering superior connectivity to areas previously underserved by the macro network, indoor, street and outdoor small cell solutions enable subscribers to receive a seamless and robust service whenever and wherever it is required.

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