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Growth in networks means growth in traffic. Nowadays, operators need to ensure they meet the rising demands facing transport networks - due to new bandwidth and latency requirements - while also balancing the introduction of a host of new services.

To ensure a smooth road to 5G, operators need flexible, seamless and well-integrated transport solutions. Our answer is the MINI-LINK, Router 6000 and Fronthaul 6000, purpose built for both mobile backhaul and fronthaul, and fully integrated into the Ericsson Radio System. Once installed, our products can be managed end-to-end by Ericsson Network Manager. 

5G is growing. The time to prepare is now. Are you ready?

Industry view of the importance of microwave

Microwave is your future

Key solutions

Router 6675

Router 6675 is a flexible and multi-purpose router designed to deliver exceptional network service performance and quality for Gigabit LTE and 5G in any radio network architecture.


MINI-LINK 6366 is a new all outdoor microwave node delivering up to 2.5Gbps with two carriers in 6-42 GHz and/or 70-80GHz frequency bands. Easier installation is enabled by its flexible and modular design.

Fronthaul 6020

Fronthaul 6020 enables network capacity and optimization gains with efficient CPRI and eCPRI transport up to 25G over a single fiber connection in dense urban areas where Centralized RAN architecture is key.

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The increasing complexity of today’s and future networks require flexible and well-integrated microwave nodes. Building an efficient microwave backhaul network with end-to-end performance in mind, requires high node capacity, compact and modular building practice, advanced packet functionality and features that are aligned and backward-compatible across different network nodes. The microwave nodes also need to be capable of handling single hops as well as advanced hub sites for larger networks.


Ericsson's routers provide a high capacity and cost effective solution for IP backhaul networks, utilizing IP/MPLS and SDN technologies. Integrated as part of Ericsson Radio System, Ericsson’s IP routers are purpose-built to meet the strict requirements of high performing radio access networks and provide enhanced radio transport features like accurate synchronization. Superior radio performance dictates superior transport and Ericsson’s routers are ready to meet the strict demands of 5G networks.


The Fronthaul 6000 product family provides cost-effective, scalable and flexible solutions to meet operator needs today and in the future.

Microwave enables LTE in remote areas

Smart became the first operator to launch LTE coverage in one of the most isolated and touristic areas in the Philippines.

Ericsson Microwave Outlook 2017

Gain insights on how the arrival of 5G will put new requirements on microwave networks.

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