Ubiquitous 5G Transport

5G-ready transport to connect all things and everyone, everywhere

The first wave of 5G deployments has begun. As tomorrow's industries and consumers will increasingly demand ubiquitous 5G connectivity, service providers are in a race to secure 5G-ready transport infrastructure today.

Ericsson introduces a portfolio of 5G-ready transport solutions – purpose-built to deliver ubiquitous 5G and 4G coverage, across dense urban centers, suburban areas and even remote rural spaces. Our scalable, flexible and more cost-efficient fiber- and microwave-based solutions provide superior performance, supporting various RAN architectures, interfaces and transport media. Your transformation journey begins today. Join us in making 5G transport ubiquitous.

“Our transport network relies heavily on microwave due to the ease of deployment that enables shorter time to market. This is done either to backhaul the radio access or to connect distant areas using Long Haul systems. The capabilities of the new MINI-LINK 6200 family can help us to handle the continued data traffic growth cost-efficiently.", - Albert Makyur, Senior Manager at Network Division, MTN Nigeria

Hemant Malik

Hemant Malik on 5G transport networks

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Ubiquitous 5G transport portfolio

Here you can find our latest portfolio additions across ubiquitous 5G-ready transport.

MINI-LINK 6200 family

The market’s first 5G-ready long haul solution, our MINI-LINK 6200 family offers 10 Gbps capacities over 35km and includes layer 3 capabilities and multi-band solutions.


The new MINI-LINK 6365 is developed for split deployments and enables up to 125% higher capacities using 16k QAM and carrier aggregation.

NPU 1005

NPU 1005 offers high density of 10 GE interfaces in small formfactor. It supports redundant network processor units and offers hierarchical radio link bonding for improved efficiency and higher capacities.

Ericsson multi-band antennas

Ericsson multi-band antennas

Our two new multi-band antennas enable over 20 Gbps capacity over a single antenna using E-band and traditional bands, and 10 Gbps capacities combining long haul and short haul frequencies, to significantly reduce tower foot print and simplify installations.

MINI-LINK 6366 on rail

MINI-LINK 6366 for rails delivers 5G-ready capacity, equipped with easy mounting to support simplified network densification.

Router 6273

The latest addition to our Router 6000 family, the modular Router 6273 offers 2Tbps full duplex pre-aggregation in only 3RU height and 300mm depth. It also delivers market-leading 100GE, 25GE and 10GE high port density.

IPoWDM LC to Router 6274

The new line card for Router 6274 offers an integrated 100Gbps IPoWDM optical solution for longer reach, mitigating the need for dedicated WDM equipment on site.

Fronthaul 6624

Ericsson’s Fronthaul 6624 solution offers market-leading channel density in 1RU, optimizing fiber use and reducing foot print by 50%. Supporting up to 12x(e)CPRI, it offers scalability for your business needs.

Key benefits of Ubiquitous 5G transport portfolio

5G transport – everywhere

Our enhanced portfolio offers 5G-ready transport, delivering the capacity, latency and layer 3 capability needed to build 5G networks in dense urban, suburban and rural areas. Ubiquitous coverage is achieved through a combination of microwave, IP router and integrated optical solutions.

Cost-efficient capacity increase

Microwave solutions offers high capacity, low-latency and cost-efficient transport as a good complement to fiber. The new capabilities in the MINI-LINK portfolio as higher modulation, carrier aggregation and improved multi-band booster will support the capacity evolution. The new Router 6273 with high density 10GE, 25GE and 100GE interfaces will also support increased transport capacities.

Reduced operating costs

Opex costs are reduced through integrated IPoWDM functionality in Router 6000 portfolio, new multi-band antennas through reduced tower rental costs and through reduced fronthaul footprint.