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Consumer insights

Ericsson ConsumerLab has 20 years’ experience of studying people’s behaviors and values, including the way they act and think about ICT products and services. Ericsson ConsumerLab provides unique insights on market and consumer trends.

10 Hot Consumer Trends - 2019

Exploring the future from an early adopter perspective, Ericsson ConsumerLab presents the eight edition of its annual trend report 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2019. The report reveals the opportunities and challenges of everyday life within an increasingly automated society. Will we still feel human?

#OMG Social media is here to stay

This report aims to uncover consumers' attitudes towards social media and how social media usage will continue to evolve. Even though recent privacy-related scandals have fueled negativity and criticism, data indicates social media services have far from peaked. Social media services are witnessing an increase in users, and in the average amount of time those users spend on it. The insights presented in the report are representative of 100 million advanced smartphone users in the US and UK.

The zero-touch customer experience

This report uncovers why consumers want a more personalized relationship with their service provider.
Consumers feel exhausted by interactions with telecom service providers and want a zero-touch customer experience. The report represents the opinions of 700 million consumers and uncovers the future of consumer interactions with mobile operators.

Six calls to action -Infographic

This report uncovers six calls to action from consumers which operators must act on, to drive consumer satisfaction and monetize mobile broadband for a 5G future.

Consumer insights