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5G networks

A network for differentiated experiences

Programmable, open, intelligent - at scale

5G for service providers

Our industry is heading towards a more personalized and intelligent future where evolving demands require open and programmable networks. As the world leader in 5G network infrastructure, we bring strategic insight and technology to help CSPs leverage 5G to accelerate growth for their business, today and tomorrow.

Turn potential into success

How does network performance impact customer loyalty? And how can network slicing and the combined value of public and private networks advance your service offering?

Our experience helping customers advance their growth has taught us that whatever value you’re looking to create, it requires the right technical components and a holistic approach.

As the world leader in 5G network infrastructure, we know that accelerating growth starts with combining technology together with business insights and the right experience to maximize potential. This is how Ericsson can support you in capturing the value of 5G.

Whether its driving service innovation or increasing the bottom line, partnering with Ericsson ensures longevity for CSPs as we deliver unparalleled value, together.

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Powering forward, together

Accelerate digital transformation

As enterprises race to transform, telecom CSPs play a pivotal role in delivering agile, efficient, and resilient connectivity solutions.

By combining 5G-powered public and private cellular networking with modern security measures, Ericsson technology meets the evolving needs of industries.

From deploying Wireless WAN for secure IoT connections to Private Networks for enhanced local coverage, reliability, and security, our solutions empower CSPs to lead the way in facilitating seamless business transformations.

Team up with Ericsson and our ecosystem partners for easy, scalable, and secure deployments to ensure your place at the forefront of telecom innovation.

Elevating the consumer experience

Consumers of the future want personalized, differentiated experiences that require connectivity enabled by 5G standalone and 5G advanced. From high-quality video streaming to seamless 5G gaming, connect the unconnected with Fixed Wireless Access to redefine the consumer experience with our advanced 5G solutions.

As commercial offerings and trials take place around the world, it’s an exciting time to be part of the journey and discover how to enhance your current network.

5G for Business

Discover how enterprises are leveraging the powerful capabilities of 5G to adapt to and ever-evolving business landscape.

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5G for Consumers

Redefine the customer experience and unleash new opportunities for differentiated connectivity and revenue streams with 5G.

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How 5G takes events to the next level

Building an outstanding network with Ooredoo Qatar

All eyes were on Qatari service provider Ooredoo to power connectivity during the country’s hugely anticipated mega-event. So, they needed a flawless solution to deliver a fast, secure and reliable mobile network.

“We’ve shown the world what 5G can accomplish with leading connectivity solutions to support megaevents today and in the future”

Gunther Ottendorfer, Ooredoo Qatar’s Chief Technology and Infrastructure Officer

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The challenge

With an influx of international visitors, Qatar’s network was put to the test. So Ooredoo needed to find a seamless solution to provide world-leading service levels at scale.

The solution

Ooredoo partnered with Ericsson to build a holistic network that integrated indoor and outdoor hardware solutions, advanced connectivity software and Ericsson-powered Managed Services.

The outcome

At the event, the ecosystem managed huge traffic volumes, delivering superfast download speeds and today, keeps Qatar universally connected with a future-proof infrastructure.

Business insight

Ericsson Mobility Report

Elevate your network connectivity with today’s rich insights in our comprehensive Ericsson Mobility Reports. As the ultimate resource for telecom industry leaders and innovators, these reports help operators to know the key trends within an evolving mobile landscape and provide a roadmap for developing the very best in high-performing networks.

Discover exclusive insights into global mobile data trends, 5G adoption, IoT growth and more to help your business stay ahead of the curve.

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5G Talks

CSPs share their experiences of implementing 5G technologies and reveal how they use the latest innovations to stay ahead of the competition.

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5G Advanced: Evolution towards 6G

Dive into the world of 5G Advanced to discover its advantages for network performance and capabilities, and the steps to take towards 6G.

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Ericsson Mobility Report Business Review 2024

What’s driving 5G revenue growth? As 5G deployments continue at pace worldwide, discover what’s next for the telecom industry as we explore the latest business insights and opportunities in our articles.

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Network Slicing to offer differentiated and personalized services.

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Industrializing Open RAN

Through its leadership in the O-RAN Alliance, Ericsson, together with the industry, has reached the critical milestones in defining the next-generation open fronthaul interface required to bring performance at scale to Open RAN.

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Monetize Network APIs

With network APIs, developers can easily access advanced 5G capabilities provided by service providers. This unlocks the opportunity to develop new enhanced applications and services, driving new revenue opportunities for the entire ecosystem, benefitting developers, service providers and enterprises.

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Leading the way with 5G


Our record of driving 5G innovation speaks for itself. With a significant presence in over 160 live 5G networks globally, we’re trusted by telecom industry leaders and operators to drive the evolution of 5G technology. As a reliable partner, our extensive experience with real-world deployments plays a significant role in shaping the global adoption of advanced technology today, and tomorrow.


Our commercial 5G network leadership is no secret. Ericsson has gained industry-wide recognition in Gartner 5G Magic Quadrant 2023, and Frost Radar Global 5G Infrastructure 2023. We’re ranked highest among telecom vendors in the latest ABI Research sustainability assessment and recognized as one of the 100 most sustainable corporations in the world by Corporate Knights.

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2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant

For the third year in a row, Ericsson has been positioned as a commercial 5G leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

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Delivering superior performance

As a dominant force in 5G Network Performance, we’ve got the tools to build the best possible user experience.

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