Our stats and facts

In our global Diversity & Inclusion strategy, we focus on improving the numbers in three main areas; Gender, Generations and Nationality. Locally we also have additional initiatives to improve our numbers of underrepresented groups relevant to each region.
Group of professional men and women sitting around a table talking
At a quick glance
We at Ericsson aim to have 30 percent of its workforce made up of female employees - currently that figure is 25 percent.
We have 166 nationalities represented worldwide and our biggest age group is the one between 25-35 years old at 35 percent.
51 percent of our US employees are white, 25 percent Asian, 9 percent Hispanic, 5 percent Black or African American.

*Numbers from our latest; 2019 Annual Report

Gender Balance

We as Ericsson support the UN Sustainable Development Goal #5 to achieve gender equality. To do so, we focus on increasing females at all levels internally as well as doing what we can to make more girls interested in studying STEM subjects.


We believe in the strength that each generation bring and therefor we focus our efforts on our generational diversity to increase innovation and drive high performing teams.

Sexual Orientation

We encourage employees to bring their whole selves to work and ensuring an inclusive environment for LGBTQ employees across the globe is a key and integral part of our Global Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

Nationality, Culture and Ethnicity

We strive to create an environment where our people can work more effectively  both within and across regions and cultures. If for nothing else, we believe our  diversity is key in bringing the best solution to clients.