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Diversity Awareness Month 2018

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month and for us the time to demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We see the value in operating with greater cross-cultural understanding in an inclusive environment and feel the diversity of our workforce is one of our major strengths as a business.
Diversity across the globe
Global Diversity Awareness Month celebrations at Ericsson

We celebrate Diversity Awareness Month 

Global Diversity Awareness Month celebrations

We believe our diversity has a positive impact on all aspects of our business. Global Diversity Awareness Month is an opportunity for us to celebrate and pay tribute to the diverse minds that make up this company. Here’s how we will engage in this important conversation…

October is the time of the year when we highlight and appreciate our differences, when no particular strand of diversity is in focus, rather all of them. It is an opportunity for us to recognize and appreciate that we all have something to contribute with, and we believe the variety of our contributions helps to ensure business success. 

This year's overarching theme is "Ericsson all-inclusive". We want to place specific focus on the importance of addressing inclusion in all aspects of working life, as we truly believe and want to confirm that belief that we all have the capability and potential to contribute to the greater good. 

President and CEO Börje Ekholm says: “Our success and our customers’ success are dependent upon our creativity and ingenuity; without the intelligence, innovation and engagement of our diverse global team, we would fail.

“People are key to our success at Ericsson. Diversity is at the core of who we are, as we operate across the entire globe. But business reasons aside, we all have a responsibility to stand up tall for the equal rights of everybody. Who among us can claim to be superior to anyone else? We are humans, and united we stand.”

As part of Global Diversity Awareness Month, Ericsson teams from around the world are working together on plans to celebrate diversity.


Global activities

In this year's internal campaign we have focused on "Ericsson all-inclusive" and have invited our employees to a variety of activities

Global online seminars will be held on a variety of topics, including the need for us to consider inclusion not only in the way we treat one another - person-to-person, but also the importance of inclusion of ideas, perspectives and thoughts in terms of our business offerings. 

As part of inviting to an open conversation about inclusion we are encouraging our global teams to come together in book clubs and documentary screenings as attempts to spark interesting and needed conversations. 


Local activities

Local teams are organizing an array of get-togethers throughout October. As an example, the week commencing Oct 22 we will be focusing on our employer brand, why it is important to even work actively with it, what it means, what our ambitions are, and what to do if you as an individual want to participate in the activities. Blogging will also be in focus, and we will share our employees' perspective of what inclusion means to them in our Ericsson Career channels, be sure to follow us! There are food festivals in the making, mapping out of family trees and heritage history, afterworks with inclusion on the agenda, and a social media campaign about pledging to support a more inclusive world - at work and play. 


Beyond Global Diversity Awareness Month

In our company strategy, we talk about unlocking the value within our culture. One of our biggest strengths is our global presence and our innovative mindset. If we are to continue to create the game-changing technology needed to be successful, we need to recognize and pay tribute to the bright and diverse minds of this company, this month and beyond. At times, we must allow ourselves to take a step back and be proud of our strengths and capabilities, our commitment and loyalty to each other, our customers and our company, all of which are vital for us to grow as individuals and as a company. We’re proud that our diversity fosters our innovation.