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Diversity Awareness Month 2019

We recognize that it is diverse, inclusive teams that drive our performance and innovation, propelling our business ever forward. That’s why this October, our sixth annual observation of Diversity Awareness Month, we are launching a company-wide event to discuss, engage with, and empower new drives and initiatives in favor of an all-inclusive culture.
Diversity across the globe
Global Diversity Awareness Month celebrations at Ericsson

A company all-inclusive

We believe that realizing a more intelligent, sustainable, and connected world requires the teamwork and collaboration of us all, with all of our differences, to uphold our values and company culture. In the same vein, it is by appreciating, supporting, and leveraging our diversity – not merely having it – that we are able to reap the full reward of our abilities to create a proudly inclusive company, touching the lives of billions of people every day.

Therefore, to make real and meaningful progress toward this objective, we will be hosting a number sessions – both live and broadcast – during this October’s Diversity Awareness Month to move the needle on creating a truly diverse and inclusive environment.

Using the knowledge gained from our past employee experience surveys (known as our “Voice” surveys) along with the insight from in-depth employee discussions about diversity and inclusion (D&I) at Ericsson, we are better equipped than ever to harness the feedback we have received to see just how we have improved and where we can still do better.

Diversity, inclusion, and Ericsson on the Move

The overarching theme for our sessions this year centers on embracing our empathy and humanness and fostering a speak-up environment – two of the Five Focus Areas taken from our newly launched, company-wide leadership transformation journey, Ericsson on the Move. Including these crucial, D&I-rooted philosophies in our sweeping Ericsson on the Move initiative speaks to the importance of ensuring an always-inclusive environment where people feel safe to share their ideas, challenge the status quo, and become the best that they can be.

Global events

With that in mind, we will be launching a series of event sessions this month that will touch on topics related to our D&I focus areas. These will include panel talks on the meaning of embracing empathy and our humanness, discussions on Ericsson ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) and their functions, values, and missions; and presentations related to our diversity and inclusion philosophy as well as what it means to speak up and promote an inclusive environment.

Our employees will have the opportunity to take part in the live events as well as access broadcasts of the sessions from anywhere in the world in addition to local events held at various Ericsson locations globally.

We believe that the duty is ours to ensure we properly recognize, support, and embrace our uniqueness so we can thrive together. So, this Diversity Awareness Month 2019, we welcome you to promote diversity and inclusion with us!