Girls in ICT Day

The future is hers. Impact the future, today. International Girls in ICT Day is just one day, but it’s a great day to kick off an important discussion: Whose future can you impact today?
Girls in ICT day celebrations
Girls in ICT - The Future is Hers

There's a shortage of young people - and in particular, girls - studying in STEM fields. Diverse and inclusive teams create better environments and better work, which is why we participate in Girls in ICT Day to raise awareness work for a better tomorrow.

We all have the responsibility to move the needle, to improve gender balance and reduce inequality. Imagine if every single one of us did just one thing to inspire more girls to enter the ICT field. How many more women would then shape the future?

Now is the time to join forces and carry out the mission of Girls in ICT. Take a moment and think about your ecosystem. Who are the girls that you can inspire to look into STEM-based careers?

It's time to ask important questions. Between now and the end of April, challenge yourself to join forces with us and inspire girls to dream about futures in STEM.

How to get involved:
Anyone can inspire girls and host a Girls Who Innovate workshop! Whether you're an Ericsson employee or not, let's inspire them one by one. Download the materials below as a base for conversations, presentations or seminars intended to educate girls about ICT and innovation.

Organize them in:

  • Schools and universities
  • In an office
  • After-school spaces
  • Leverage those around you, partner up, and take action!
Girls working together

About International Girls in ICT

Since 2011, International Girls in ICT Day has been embraced by ITU members in over 171 countries with more than 11,000 celebrations involving over 357,000 girls and young women having taken place. (Numbers from March 2019).

Gender parity

ICT gender parity

We're dedicated to improving gender balance both in the ICT industry and at Ericsson. In fact, we have an ambition to see our workforce made up of at least 30% women by the year 2020.

Due to the many challenges often presented by stereotypes, discrimination, and a lack of proper role models, many girls don't pursue interests in the field of ICT. We aim to change that! By inviting girls to learn more about technology at a young age and encouraging them to investigate what a potential career within ICT would entail, we hope to attract many young, brilliant minds to the industry.

The Information and Communication Technology industry will be one of the fastest growing fields in the years to come, offering some of the highest-paid and most exciting careers. We're determined to open the door to careers in technology for as many young women as possible.

By celebrating Girls in ICT Day, we aim to empower the next generation of women to thrive in ICT!

girls together

What are we doing?

We believe we need to get involved on all levels. As a result, we are encouraging and enabling to get out there and host workshops, inspiring girls to explore their full potential in science, math, and engineering fields. On the level of "Us," we support these initiatives on the global and local levels. 

Connect to Learn is one of the concrete ways in which we are working to support the education of young women and girls. We strongly encourage girls to study STEM subjects that will prepare them for employment in the ICT sector. Gender diversity is important for us not only for business reasons but also because we know that jobs in the ICT sector have a significant potential to help in the achievement of SDG 5 (gender equality and female empowerment).

Ericsson believes that diversity goes beyond gender to also include race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, beliefs, nationality, social status, cognitive perspective, disability, age, union membership, and all other characteristics protected by local law.