Girls in ICT Day

As we progress towards faster and technically superior times – the era of 5G – it is only right that we inspire and engage more and more young girls and women to take up STEM studies as a career opportunity, raising awareness for a better tomorrow.
Girls in ICT day celebrations - Kids looking at mobile phone
Girls in ICT Day - The future is hers

And no time is better than the present! We want to actively move the needle and encourage our our employees, their families and friends to take a step back and think about our ecosystem. How we can collectively join forces to inspire young girls to take up STEM based education early in life and consider ICT as a future career option. We are proud to participate in Girls in ICT Day, raising awareness, improving gender balance, and reducing inequality.

Having many more young girls/ women join ICT as a career is important not only because diverse and inclusive teams lead to better working environment but also because it has a huge impact on our productivity.  However, currently, there are simply not enough young women willing to take up STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) studies as a choice for higher education or career option. This is a major cause for worry because the number of female science and technology students is disproportionately low.

With the global Coronavirus pandemic affecting all our regular activities, many parents are currently home-schooling their children. On occasion of Girls in ICT Day 2020, we are sharing some learning materials, especially for the young researchers and budding engineers in your life. We hope that these will help provide children (and parents!) some useful insights into coding and computing; science and technology. All the sessions can be done individually or with a sibling.

The learning aids are inspired by our INFUSE program team based in Athlone, Ireland.

Download the learning aids by clicking the links below

Age group

Name of the program

Ages 8-9
EPIC – Introduction to Computers (Available in English | Available in Spanish)
Ages 9-12
Introduction to the BBC: Microbit (Available in English | Available in Spanish)
Ages 12-14
Build your first website using HTML and CSS (teaching material (English | Spanish) and instruction cards (English | Spanish))


The future of STEM studies as a career choice is truly exciting. Research shows that more than 65% of our students will work in jobs that don’t exist today. By engaging participants in Girls in ICT Day, we hope to help prepare for that future, encouraging more and more girls to consider careers in ICT, promoting Ericsson as a potential future employer while simultaneously expanding our work internally to engage and collaborate for gender parity and equality overall. 

Girls working together

About International Girls in ICT

Since 2011, International Girls in ICT Day has been embraced by ITU members in over 171 countries with more than 11,000 celebrations involving over 357,000 girls and young women having taken place. (Numbers from March 2019).