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Sourcing contract lifecycle management

The Ericsson Sourcing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) offers a secure environment for suppliers to be on boarded and be able to participate in negotiation and drafting of a contract.
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You as a supplier will access the tool through our eBusiness Portal.

Sourcing Contract Lifecycle Manager (SCLM)

What is Sourcing CLM?

Sourcing Contract Lifecycle Manager (or SCLM) is a globally integrated system that enables Ericsson sourcing to control the Contract Lifecycle.

Who uses Sourcing CLM?

Ericsson Sourcing staff.

SCLM and DocuSign

SCLM also supports eSignature through DocuSign. Ericsson leverages DocuSign for our supplier agreement eSignature process for countries where it is legally applicable. Authorized signers will receive an email directly from the DocuSign system when a signature is requested. Then, the signer will have the ability to sign the agreement according to relevant PoA-instruction via a web browser or a mobile device. The signer can also assign the signature to another authorized signer within their company to sign.