Current sponsorships

We are sponsoring Nobel Media and Ericsson Globe. These are companies that support us in contributing to the conceptual values of our company.

The Ericsson Globe

Ericsson Globe

We see our partnership with the Ericsson Globe as a spectacular way of celebrating the heritage of Ericsson and our Swedish origins. Lars Magnus Ericsson opened his workshop in the center of Stockholm in 1876, beginning what would become a global ICT conglomerate. Ericsson still has its headquarters in Stockholm, and is one of the largest employers in the Stockholm region.

Used for entertainment, cultural, sporting and corporate purposes, the Ericsson Globe provides opportunities for the people of Sweden and neighboring countries to take part in a broad and exciting range of events. The Ericsson Globe is also used for employee and customer relations and hospitality, recognizing the value of personal relationships in our business.

It is important for us that every visitor to the Ericsson Globe connects the positive experience from a great event with their perceptions of Ericsson, strengthening our position as an important and reliable partner in society.

Nobel Media

Nobel Media spreads knowledge about achievements that have been awarded the Nobel Prize and stimulates interest in science, literature and peace in line with Alfred Nobel's vision and legacy. The company reaches a global audience of millions through its high quality productions within broadcast and digital media, which includes the official website and podcast, the Nobel Prize Concert, as well as a series of intercontinental, inspirational lecture events featuring Nobel Laureates. The company also manages a portfolio of publishing licenses, footage sales and live broadcast rights to the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies.

Ericsson has been a proud sponsor of Nobel Media's initiatives since 2008. This has included the production of several TV programs that provide a unique insight into the lives of Nobel Laureates and the global impact of their achievements. Ericsson is now an exclusively selected partner supporting Nobel Media's international events, such as the cross-disciplinary – a free-of-charge, full-day meeting in which a unique constellation of Nobel Laureates, world-leading scientists, policymakers and thought- and industry leaders come together with the general public to tackle issues of global concern.